How to plan a baby

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How to plan a baby

Planning a pregnancy significantly increases the chances of a normal pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby. However, unfortunately, not every couple succeeds in allowing such a luxury as planning. If you are lucky enough to think about planning a baby before you become pregnant, you have the opportunity to take many useful and necessary steps to ensure that you are in the best shape and the pregnancy will go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Good food. If you are planning a pregnancy, now is not the time to lose weight and experiment with diets.
  2. Start taking folic acid. This vitamin is extremely important, as it helps to avoid the development of various abnormalities in a child. The minimum daily dose recommended by the Ministry of Health is 400 micrograms per day.
  3. You need to reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, tea, chocolate and some foods. Caffeine reduces a woman’s fertility, which can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy.
  4. Stop smoking. Smoking has a negative effect on the production of female sex hormones, which causes a violation of the menstrual cycle in a woman and, as a result, difficulties in conceiving.
  5. Reduce, and it is better to completely abandon the use of alcohol. The harmful effect of alcohol on the human body, especially on the nervous system, has long been known.
  6. Complete and categorical abstinence from drugs. Planning pregnancy, pregnancy itself and drugs are not compatible things. It is worth giving up before pregnancy, the sooner the better. After all, narcotic substances have the ability to accumulate in the body, and penetrate the placenta to the baby into the bloodstream. Drugs are one of the most dangerous factors of infertility, congenital physical deformities, intrauterine fetal death and some other developmental abnormalities.
  7. It is worth checking the presence of immunity to rubella. If you are not sure that you have had it before, you should take a simple test to determine the presence of antibodies.
  8. It is worth discussing risk factors with your doctor in advance. If a woman suffers from certain diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular or immune disorders, pregnancy will be associated with a risk for both mother and baby.
  9. Prepare for life changes. To plan a child means not only to prepare physically, but also psychologically.

Is your partner ready for a baby? It is very important to discuss everything in advance, as the birth of a baby will change your life forever.

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