How to plan a first date

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How to plan a first date

The first date is a serious and responsible matter. A lot depends on it. Who knows, maybe this girl is your only half in this world. The first date does not tolerate spontaneity and haste, it is better to plan everything in advance so that the impression remains for a lifetime.

First you need to decide on interests. If, say, you both love sports, why don’t you go to a match or participate in a game yourself? If she is a romantic and very feminine girl, then it is probably better to start with dinner in some nice and cozy restaurant.

The advantage of active dating (as in the case of a match) is, firstly, the absence of boredom on a date and, secondly, the absence of awkward silence when you both suddenly become silent and don’t know what to talk about next. In addition, such a date can be remembered not only by impressions about you, but also by impressions about the event to which you brought the girl. Invite her, for example, to a concert or festival where her favorite band plays, go to some interesting master class with her.

If your choice nevertheless fell on dinner at a restaurant, then first find out about the girl’s taste preferences. Suddenly she is a vegetarian or just prefers some special cuisine. Before you take the girl to a restaurant, go there yourself in advance, look through the menu, the wine list and try a few dishes so that you don’t blush later when they throw you in the face: “Ugh, what kind of abomination is this?”. Also book a table in advance.

On the eve of the date, call her and once again specify the time and place. On the day of the event itself, do not be late, but do not be indignant if the girl herself was late. She’s supposed to.

Well, then everything depends only on your charisma and ability to win girls’ hearts.

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