How to please the man you love

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How to please the man you love

If you want to maintain a harmonious relationship with your man, you need to be able to listen to his needs and interests and from time to time make pleasant surprises for him. A man who will feel attention towards his person will love you even more.
How to please the man you love


Always be friendly with a man, keep a positive attitude towards life.
Maintain cleanliness and order in the house, learn how to cook a variety of original dishes and surprise a man with culinary novelties.
Remember which items of your wardrobe and which jewelry are highly sympathetic to a man. Wear them more often — please his eye. Also try to wear the jewelry and things that he gave you more often — this will remind you of the attention you paid to his gifts.
Pay attention to your man’s hobbies. Even if you don’t share some of them, go to a football game with him, buy movie tickets for a movie he wants to see, go fishing with him. A man will appreciate your participation in what is valuable to him.
Communicate with your man not only on topics that are of interest to you. Remember that topics for conversation should be interesting to him. If a man is interested in politics or sports, learn how to have an easy and pleasant conversation on these topics.
Do not limit yourself in your intimate life, try to bring maximum pleasure to your man and try to diversify your sex life so that it attracts you and your man even more.
And of course, give a man unexpected, but pleasant gifts — from the simplest to the most unusual. Depending on the man’s preferences, you can give him an interesting book, a movie, a new tie, a beer mug, an unusual ashtray, and so on.
Do not let the relationship stagnate, bring a fresh wave to them, do not stop surprising your partner, and he will answer you in the same way.

Tip 2: How to please your loved one

There is nothing more pleasant than giving positive emotions to loved ones. Unexpected surprises will help fill the relationship with bright colors and cause delight in the eyes of the second half.
How to please your loved one

Pleasant man

A loving girl or wife must definitely please her chosen one with pleasant unexpected surprises in order to bring bright colors to the relationship. Everything, of course, depends on the character and preferences of the man, but we can say with confidence that a delicious romantic dinner will be a hit. His favorite dishes should be on the table, and notes of tenderness, affection and love should soar in the atmosphere. At the end of the evening, the representative of the weaker sex can present her beloved with a piquant surprise, thinking in advance about new extravagant lingerie.

It should be remembered that men are big children, they can be easily pleased by buying a disc with a new computer game, a new jumper or tickets to a long-awaited movie in a cinema. These small pleasant things are an expression of great feelings, and a man, feeling this, will become even more loving, attentive and caring.

Pleasant woman

A man who has found a soul mate should know that there are never too many compliments. Any pleasant word spoken to a beloved girl or wife will immediately make her smile and a lot of positive emotions. And if you add a saying with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, then there will be no limit to delight!

To please a woman, of course, you can go to the store to purchase a long-awaited dress, handbag, shoes, and best of all, immediately. You can continue the walk in the restaurant to the sounds of live music and the clinking of glasses, your beloved will definitely not forget such a pleasant surprise. If a male representative does not have financial support, it’s not a problem, you can please a woman absolutely free of charge. For example, offer to take a walk in the park, talking about your feelings and giving the most modest bouquet of flowers. The more often a man will show signs of attention, the more often he will feel the touch of gentle female hands.

Pleasant surprises

Of all surprises, the most pleasant and memorable are those that loved ones least expect. For example, you can please a girl with holiday vouchers abroad or with a small dog that she has been dreaming about for so long. It will be easy to surprise a guy with the help of a new gadget that his friends have not yet managed to acquire, or tickets to a concert of your favorite artist. The most valuable thing in a relationship is attention, it doesn’t matter how expensive pleasant surprises are, the main thing is that they are sincere and sincere.

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