How to prepare for a wedding

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How to prepare for a wedding

So, you have decided everything, you have submitted an application to the registry office and set a date for the wedding. Now you have time to properly prepare for the wedding, usually one and a half to two months (this is how much time usually passes from the moment you first visit the registry office to the wedding ceremony itself).
How to prepare for a wedding

In order not to get confused and not to get lost in the preparatory fuss, you need to immediately determine for yourself “urgent matters”, which you cannot forget about in any case. Indeed, there are things without which the marriage celebration is simply unthinkable, without which the celebration of the union of two hearts is a complete failure. A wedding is serious business. Let’s get started.

1. Bridal outfits. Marriage (at least «real», solemn) for most happens once in a lifetime, and you want to look especially beautiful on this day. It is clear that in our progressive time, white puffy dresses and black suits are not an obligatory element of the holiday, but it is worth thinking about this issue. When choosing an outfit, remember that your loved ones will definitely appreciate and remember it.

2. Rings. A symbol of your love and the most valuable memorable gift. When choosing rings, do not rush, the incredible wealth of the assortment in jewelry stores allows you to choose a piece of jewelry with almost unique characteristics.

3. Invitations to guests. If you want a noisy celebration with friends and loved ones, then be sure to make a list of people you would like to see. Wedding invitations are sold at any kiosk: fill out, distribute or send out. And if the invitees are not two or four, but, say, thirty … then we move on

4. Banquet hall and refreshments for guests. A wedding in the classic version is impossible without a noisy feast with toasts “for the young”, gifts, dances. And every person who came to congratulate you should later remember this celebration with warmth. What is needed for this? Good spacious room, a sufficient number of seats, food and attention — for everyone. And that’s it, nothing else.

5. Vehicles. You will not travel around the city by bus or tram. It all depends on your imagination and financial support. Limousine, carriage or just a smart car — choose for yourself. And, by the way, about elegance: it would be nice to decorate the vehicle of the bride and groom, since there are enough specialists in this field. Rings on the cockpit, a doll on the bumper, ribbons on the hood — the golden classics of the genre.

6. Photo and video shooting. A modern wedding is simply unthinkable without the presence of a person hung with all sorts of photo and video equipment. A reminder of a wonderful day, made qualitatively on digital media, is a pleasant and necessary thing, but you should not get too carried away. First, these services are not cheap. Secondly, everything is good in moderation. Hours of video filming and gigabytes of photos may simply not find a patient enough viewer.

7. Bridal bouquet. There will be no problems with this accessory, you just need to choose and order it in advance. It is better if it is not very large, because the bride, in fact, walks with him in her arms for half a day.

Here, perhaps, if not all, then the main tips on the difficult topic «How to prepare for the wedding.» Take action, everything is in your hands! And in conclusion, it is difficult to do without the old-fashioned: advice to you and love!

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