How to prepare your child for school

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How to prepare your child for school

Year after year, as the child grows older, parents begin to think that a little more and their child will go to school. Each parent imagines how his child will be one of the best students in the class, and every day will delight him with his grades.

But not every parent understands that in order to achieve high school performance, the child needs to start preparing for it in advance. It will not be enough here, just to memorize something once and send the child to school. Preparing a child for school is a long process covering various aspects of his development.

As a rule, when the question arises of how to prepare a child for school, there are three main areas in which the child should be able to prove himself.

1) Intelligent

2) Emotional

3) Social

The intellectual development of a child can be judged by his ability to focus his attention on a specific task, the level of development of his thinking, as well as the development of his speech and imagination. For example, to determine the level of attention of a child, you can show him, at first glance, exactly the same pictures, which in fact will differ in certain details. There can be 8-10 differences in the pictures, and the more the child can name, the higher his ability to concentrate will be. To help the child develop mental abilities, exercises according to the scheme “what is superfluous here?” will help. For example, show the child several pictures of animals, and one of them will have something else, let’s say a fish. And ask the child to remove the extra picture. If the child did not cope with the task, do not be upset. It would be very helpful to ask the child to explain why he chose this particular picture. For the development of a child’s speech, there are also many different tests. And again, various pictures will help with this. Ask the child to describe the image in detail. Who does he see in the picture? What is the character doing? Entering school, the child must understand the words well and be able to explain their meaning. For example, can he explain what an aquarium is, a school, a bus, etc.?

The next area in which a child needs to be prepared when going to first grade is emotional preparation. What is meant by this? The child must be able to control his own behavior. You can invite the child to evaluate his own behavior during the day, for example, before lunch and after, and give himself an asterisk for good behavior. It is good if the child shows perseverance, especially when performing a task that he may not really like.

And finally, the social level of the child is probably the most important for the child to be able to integrate into the school environment. The social maturity of the child is indicated by his desire to communicate with peers. Moreover, the child must be able to build relationships with others, resolve conflicts and settle disagreements.

When parents ask themselves the question of how to prepare their child for school, they should not forget about another very important factor — to develop in the child the desire to go to school and learn. It is also necessary to give the child a clear idea of ​​​​what a school is. Does the child understand what a lesson is, a change, what is the role of a teacher? A child of preschool age, often, perceives everything as a game. Therefore, if he is not properly prepared for school, the child can quickly get tired of everything, and there may be a feeling that he was deceived. Moreover, the child may develop complexes that will accompany him in adulthood. Most importantly, become a friend to your child and overcome all the difficulties of the school path together.

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