How to propose to a guy

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How to propose to a guy

The norms and rules of behavior in modern society are slightly different from those that were adopted two hundred, one hundred and even ten years ago. And if earlier the creation of a family began with a solemn proposal of a hand and heart to a guy to a girl, then in our time it is not at all considered shameful for a girl to propose to a guy.
How to propose to a guy


First, make sure that he is exactly the person with whom you want to share grief and joy and be together in any situation.
In order to propose to a guy, you have all the conditions — a guy and a firm belief that you want to marry him. It remains a little — to make him this very offer. But in no case do not put ultimatums like «either we get married, or I’m leaving.» In this case, your entire marriage will be built on contradictions and, in the end, will end in divorce.
Don’t talk about your intention of becoming his wife before, during, or immediately after making love to him. A man may misunderstand you.
If you haven’t changed your mind yet, approach him in a calm environment, perhaps while dancing at home or in a restaurant. First, hint that he is the best, then say that you feel very good and reliable with him (like behind a stone wall). And after that you can say the cherished phrase “let’s get married!”. Look closely at the reaction. If his eyes smile and do not look frightened, then your idea was a success.
Nobody is immune from mistakes. If the guy refused, think about what you want from him? If you just feel good together, maybe you don’t need a stamp in your passport?

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