How to protect children

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How to protect children

Due to their age, gullibility and lack of life experience, children are often exposed to various dangers. It is the duty of adults to foresee possible accidents and to protect children from them. What dangers does the child face on a daily basis?

The first danger is the house. Oddly enough, but most troubles can happen to children at home, and not somewhere else. An abandoned kettle with boiling water, uncontrolled matches, an unprotected socket, sharp corners, medicines forgotten on the table, low-lying washing powders, bleaches and other chemicals, knives within reach — all these are sources of danger for a small, unintelligent child. To understand what dangers your child is exposed to at home every day, walk around your apartment and look at it through his eyes, from the height of his height. It is better to be safe once again than to blame yourself for the rest of your life.

The second danger is the street. Leaving the house also exposes your child to many dangers. So that he does not become a victim of criminals, constantly conduct preventive conversations with him about intruders with whom he may meet. The child must know for sure that one should not talk to strangers or unfamiliar people, one should not go anywhere with them under any pretext. It is necessary to tell what tricks criminals use to lure children, and to inspire them that sometimes it is necessary to firmly say no or run away.

The third danger is the road. On the street, the child becomes a defenseless road user. Teach him the rules, think over the safest way to school, to circles. When transporting the baby in the car, do not forget to fasten it in the child seat. This, alas, is not an invention of state traffic inspectors, but a real opportunity to protect children from injuries and save their life and health in an accident. Mothers walking with strollers should be especially careful when crossing the street and not cross the road in front of cars.

The fourth danger is television, the Internet and the media. Unfortunately, it’s not a secret for anyone that the media have long been the distributors of violence, pornography, anti-social ideas that have a devastating effect on the psyche of children. Be careful, control what your child is watching, what he is doing. Do not let him play computer games for hours, otherwise he may become addicted.

Universal advice to all parents — love your child, talk to him more, be aware of his affairs and experiences, carefully look into his eyes and do not let him be idle.

Tip 2: How to protect your child from diseases in kindergarten

Giving the baby to kindergarten, mothers worry that he will catch some kind of infection and get sick. So that many diseases pass by your childand he felt cheerful and cheerful, take measures in advance to strengthen his health.
How to protect your child from diseases in kindergarten


In the nursery garden diseases are often common, as the guys are in close contact with each other, and many infections are transmitted by airborne droplets or through shared objects. Therefore, teach your baby to take care of their own hygiene. Hand washing is mandatory before eating, as well as after going to the toilet, playing on the floor, playing sports and walking outside. Keep paper handkerchiefs and wet wipes in the locker. Wash your child’s clothes frequently to keep them clean. Have a conversation with your child about the fact that during a street walk you can’t pick anything from trees or pick up under them and eat. Explain that unwashed and unripe fruits can cause severe illness.
Vitamins and minerals are needed to strengthen the immune system. Make sure your child eats enough fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs. If he has a low appetite, come up with an interesting design for dishes, a funny saying, or exercise with him more often. Consult with your pediatrician about taking vitamin complexes, because children often do not receive the required amount of trace elements with food. Do not forget to give them to your baby on time, especially during periods of epidemics. Use immunostimulating and antiviral drugs only as prescribed by a doctor, because they can cause allergies.
Gradual hardening will also strengthen the child’s immunity. You can start with air and sunbathing, and then move on to water treatments. A gradual decrease in water temperature or a contrast shower will strengthen the body’s ability to resist viruses. Ventilate the rooms at home, walk with your baby every day, look for interesting outdoor games in the fresh air to interest the baby.
Pay attention to how much your baby sleeps, because a tired body is more at risk of being infected. Try to get your little one to sleep for at least nine hours at night and two hours during the day. If he does not sleep well, consult with a specialist, you may be prescribed soothing teas or syrups.
Vaccinations are also a good protective measure against viruses. To enter the garden, it is necessary to make a number of mandatory vaccines. But there are dangerous diseases, for which children are vaccinated at the request of their parents, for example, chickenpox or tularemia. It is better to protect the baby from such infections in advance, but after consulting with the doctor.
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