How to raise a husband

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How to raise a husband

Raising a husband is just as important as raising children. This is not an easy and very delicate matter, because it is much more difficult to retrain an adult than a child. And before you get the husband you dreamed of, more than one year of tedious training will pass. Fortunately, there is a set of rules for raising a husband. By following these rules, you will ensure that your chosen one grows up as a smart, wealthy and obedient head of the family.
How to raise a husband
Start educating your husband before marriage. Smart women from the first days of their acquaintance begin to educate their future spouse. Warm up ambition and male pride, directing them in the right direction for you. Act like this: “I’m proud of you! You are the smartest and most talented! You will achieve everything if you can use your abilities correctly.
Do not forget that, no matter how trite it may seem, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Feed your husband tasty, and he will never leave for another. Do not follow the advice of your friends, they say, «you indulge him, he will manage with dumplings.» Feed semi-finished products — be prepared to lose your husband.

Never arrange scandals and tantrums. Remember, men suffer physically from women’s tears, and tears can be used to achieve their goals very rarely, like the strongest antibiotics.
Live with your husband on a first date basis. Always be mysterious and attractive, respect his interests and thoughts.
In the process of raising a husband, use such tools as love, sincerity, understanding and patience.
Allow your spouse to make their own decisions. Do not lead your husband, but only push him in the right direction.
Tell your husband that you love him, and he will move mountains for you.
And remember that even the most wonderful man can be turned into a loser by scandals, tantrums and unfounded claims. Be wise and tactful, and you will succeed.

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