How to recognize a man

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How to recognize a man

Every woman strives to be attractive to the opposite sex. Often men really circle next to her. But what are their true intentions? If the plans of men were easy to recognize, then women would not have to pour out their souls to their friends so often, be indignant that the next gentleman turned out to be a rogue, and generally get upset. A man can be figured out at the beginning of a relationship if you pay attention to the signs and give importance to the symptoms.
Men often seek to disguise their intentions
From the very beginning of the relationship, be attentive to the man who happened to be next to you. There are no trifles, and it is important to consider everything. Of course, you can enjoy the ease — they say, let everything go the way it goes. But then be prepared to treat the result just as easily — it didn’t work out, they fled, it turned out to be unworthy, and after all, a lot of time has already been lost.

At the beginning of a relationship, when you just started dating, pay attention to how your boyfriend manifests himself at a distance. Surely he was the initiator of the acquaintance — should he have somehow made it clear that you are not indifferent to him? But what is happening now? Who calls first — him or you? No need to count the number of calls, just note the trend. Does he dial your number once a day or once a week? And if you, bored, call him and stumble upon an answering machine, does he call back in response? If you have to call him a second time, this is a reason to be wary: it is unlikely that the boyfriend feels a lack of communication with you.

At the stage when you meet regularly, pay attention to the following little things: whether the door is opened in front of you, whether they give you a coat, a hand when you get off the bus or car. However, if everything is in order, this only indicates that a man has a certain upbringing. If the gentleman does not show politeness, try to track those manifestations that compensate for this shortcoming. For example, he is not too gallant, but he does not allow you to pay for yourself in a cinema, cafe, museum. From time to time, a man who wants to please his girlfriend gives her small gifts. These will not necessarily be diamonds, the main thing here is attention. If there are no surprises for you, this is another reason to think. Perhaps the man is not interested in you. According to the status, it is supposed to have a girl with whom you can appear in a company or in a theater, but what kind of person she is — he is not interested.
The next stage of rapprochement adds to your understanding of whether this man is worth your time and effort. For example, he always paid for you on the first date. But now every now and then he strives to ask for a hundred rubles on the phone, then buy tickets to the cinema (he’s so late!). If his ability to pay has finally dried up, if a young man in any situation tries to «leave at your expense», then you have a gigolo. Whether it is worth contacting gigolos, even if they are courteous in communication, is up to you.

A man to whom you are sincerely sympathetic will definitely be interested in your affairs. Caring from a loving man is manifested in everything. It is important for him what you had for breakfast, whether you are warm, whether it is comfortable. With a joint trip to the store, such a man will not allow you to carry heavy bags. At an evening meeting, he speaks not only about himself, his beloved, but also asks you how the day went.

If all these signs of concern and interest are absent, if a man shows only good manners and a willingness to invite you on a date, it is possible that his plans do not go beyond bed. And in this case, only you can decide whether it is worth spending time on a one-time relationship.

Tip 2: How to understand that a guy is a womanizer

A woman meets the man of her dreams — he is handsome, charming, attentive and perfect in bed. But over time, the happy chosen one begins to understand that in addition to all this splendor there is one significant drawback — she is not alone with him. So how to identify and weed out womanizers right away, so as not to suffer from a broken heart later?
How to understand that a guy is a womanizer

Womanizer: whim or diagnosis?

Almost all women like womanizers. They are devilishly charismatic, experienced and attractive. Polygamy is considered by the people as a male feature that cannot be got rid of, but life shows that even the most inveterate womanizer is able to become an ideal husband and a wonderful father. First of all, it depends on the readiness of the man himself to create a family.

If a guy doesn’t want to date a woman anymore, then it’s useless to keep him.

Also, the behavior of a man is strongly influenced by the world around him. Today it is fashionable to be a male, macho and Casanova — among men, this is one of the signs of success. In addition, the parents of a womanizer may be to blame for the polygamous attitude to life, who from childhood inspired him that he is the best and not every girl is worthy of him.

And, finally, the behavior of a womanizer can be directly related to his personal characteristics. Most often, temperamental cynical men are polygamous, who perceive a woman as an object of conquest, but nothing more.

How to recognize a womanizer at an early stage

Having met a guy, you should pay attention to a number of specific signs that will give you his passion for women with a head. Firstly, womanizers are sociable, energetic, socially active and often are the soul of any, even an unfamiliar company. Usually they like to dress very conspicuously, visit nightclubs and other places where you can meet a girl and conquer another fortress.

Pay attention to the appearance of a man — catchy clothes, grooming and jewelry often serve precisely to hunt for impressionable women.

Womanizers are able to speak beautifully and ornately, using various familiar and even slightly obscene phrases in their speech. They also tend to immediately promise you a star from the sky, a house in Nice and a stone wall in the form of a magnificent self. If you have his data, check the boyfriend’s social networks — usually the pages of womanizers are full of photos of various girls and corresponding statuses.

And never forget the basic rule — if after a stormy night the guy does not call you back, do not look for a meeting with him and do not try to get through, inventing a bunch of excuses for him. Most likely, you have become another victory in the list of a womanizer, so put your own dignity back in place and find yourself a real man with whom you will start dating for real.


Among men who are not too self-confident, the “pick-up” movement is now very fashionable. The goal of a pick-up artist is to promote the girl he likes for sex as soon as possible. To do this, pick-up artists work out dozens of «framing» and seduction techniques. Read on pick-up forums about their methods and be prepared to meet such men.

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