How to remove irritation

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How to remove irritation

There is nothing worse than feeling angry. It is all-consuming and makes you spend emotions on completely useless things. Irritation has never brought joy to anyone. There are several ways to get rid of the feeling of irritation.
How to remove irritation


If you often tell your friends that someone annoys you, think about it, maybe it’s you? A person lives his normal life, while something is not going well in yours. Subconsciously, you begin to envy the person, and he begins to annoy you.
Understand what you are missing, decide what is wrong in the person that irritates you. Perhaps for some time it will be necessary to reduce contacts with him to a minimum, but then everything will go back to normal.
Of course, a person can be annoying for objective reasons. In this case, reduce all possible contacts to a minimum. Annoyed by the facial expressions of a colleague? Talk to him on the phone. Don’t like the scent of perfume? Don’t sit next to me for dinner.

If the person who annoys you is your boss or relative, use our third tip.

Imagine that an imaginary person annoys you, and the one who is next to you at this moment is not at all going to make stupid assumptions, bang his nails on the table or sniff.
Look at the person and look for good qualities in him that you would like — the boss has good taste, and a relative will never refuse. Admiring the positive qualities of people who annoy you will help you get rid of irritation towards them.
How to overcome irritation
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How to overcome irritation

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