How to resolve conflict

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How to resolve conflict

Conflict situations arise at every step. The ability to resolve conflicts is a valuable quality. But he can and should learn.

There is only one cause of conflict between people. This is a clash of interests. For example, if a mother asks her daughter to go for bread, and her daughter urgently needs to run to the cinema. Mom’s interest is to get a loaf of bread, daughter’s interest is not to be late for the session. A collision is inevitable. How can such a conflict be resolved? There are two ways: constructive and non-constructive.

Conflict arises when interests clash


unconstructive way. With this method of resolving the conflict, one of the parties concedes. That is, only one wins in such a situation. Is it necessary to say that the other side is experiencing extremely negative experiences? If this method is used to resolve conflicts in the family, then this definitely negatively affects the formation of the character of children. Where parents suppress the desires of children, they grow up either passive or aggressive. In the same place where parents constantly give in, children grow up egoists and the process of socialization is more difficult for them.
constructive way. It will be more correct to resolve the conflict when everyone wins. This method involves the development of the situation according to a certain scenario. It includes several stages.
* First you need to clarify the situation. Each conflicting party (and there may be several) must express what it wants or does not want, what is important to it and what difficulties it has encountered. This should be done not in an accusatory manner (you always ignore me), but in the form of an “I-message” (I feel that my words have not been heard). The rest of the participants in the conflict are actively listening. That is, they voice the needs, desires and difficulties experienced by the other side.
* Gather offers. The most successful solution to the conflict will be a proposal that will suit all parties to the conflict.
* Decide how this decision will be carried out, i.e., detail it. Assign responsibilities for its implementation.
A constructive solution to the problem is the best way out of the conflict. After all, everyone heard the opinion of the other, was listened to, negative emotions did not arise and good relations were maintained.

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