How to return feelings

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How to return feelings

The waltz of Mendelssohn died down. Time passed and passions began to subside. Weekdays have begun. At some point, accumulated mutual claims, routine and habits can force love out of the heart.

Some couples decide to leave, others endure, but still others take control of the situation and try to restore the freshness of feelings. And it is not so difficult, the main thing is to understand where exactly to start.

How to return feelings


If you are tired of eating in the same place, at the same time, the same dishes, talk to your loved one. Make, if not repair, then rearrange the furniture. Learn to cook new dishes. Go to a restaurant.
Try to be together more often. Over time, common interests may disappear, so they can be created artificially. Sign up for a pool together, or go to a studio for tango lessons. By the way, this is a very passionate dance that will help awaken sensuality. Or do something that both of you will be interested in.
Talk to each other more often. Discuss not only problems, but also tell what you are thinking about at the moment, or what you are dreaming about. Or maybe you are afraid of something? Share and it will bring you closer. You can arrange a «letter day» when you leave letters for each other in your purse, pocket, and so on.
Make each other pleasant surprises, as once, at the beginning of your relationship. You can arrange a holiday or a picnic in honor of your personal Valentine’s Day.
Gently touch your loved one more often. Believe me, this will not go unnoticed.
Be proud of your partner’s achievements, whether it’s a business success, a well-prepared new dish, or a long scarf knitted for you. Or maybe your soul mate learned a new language or created a masterpiece with their own hands?
Remember the old happy days, how good it was for you together at the very beginning of your life together, those tenderness and passion that overwhelmed you. Try to keep the feeling of warmth and joy between you in the present.

Attention, only TODAY!

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