How to return the passion of a husband

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How to return the passion of a husband

Family life is, unfortunately, not always one continuous holiday. I have to do household chores, take care of children, and I also want to leave time for friends and my hobbies. Behind all this, it is quickly forgotten for the sake of which the marriage was created. Emotions subside passion passes and you start to get tired of your loved one. Because of this, the vast majority of marriages break up. No need to make hasty decisions, because you can return passion into a relationship.
How to return the passion of a husband


Take a look at yourself. You may not be who you used to be. Most likely, your preferences in choosing a wardrobe have changed from «beautiful» to «comfortable». It is unlikely that you continue to go to bed in lacy underwear. This change is much more obvious to your husband than to you. Put yourself in his place. Are you attractive now in his eyes? Change your wardrobe, remove all unnecessary things from the bedroom so that nothing distracts you from love. Create an intimate atmosphere, buy beautiful bedding.
Pay attention to how much you are alone with your husband. Perhaps immersed in domestic life, you do not leave time for the two of you at all. If you have children, ask loved ones to sit with them when you want to devote yourself to each other.
Remember how you were when your relationship was just beginning. Restore the details, for example, make the same hairstyle, start wearing similar clothes. All this will lead your man to pleasant memories. Start going out together. A husband needs to see that other men like you too. This will awaken the hunter in him. He will want to conquer you again.
Bring something new into your relationship. Start flirting with your husband. You can send him a few SMS of erotic content while he is at work. Try to diversify your sex and generally go beyond the usual. Don’t be afraid to experiment and take the initiative. However, you must continue to be yourself. After all, the husband loves you, and not the woman you invented.

Tip 2: How to bring passion back into a relationship

Over time, almost all couples feel the fading of emotions and feelings for each other. At this time, there is a danger of extramarital affairs and the collapse of the marriage union. The advice of family psychologists will help return passion to relationships, and women will most likely have to deal with their implementation.
How to bring passion back into a relationship

Add a «fresh stream»

You need to start changing from the environment around you. The familiar atmosphere of the bedroom is no longer associated with violent passion — this is a place of relaxation. Give the bedroom a «fresh stream»: throw away old and unnecessary things, move furniture, hang pictures and new curtains.

The next step is to change yourself. Dramatic changes in appearance are a sure way to attract the attention of a man. Dye your hair, change your hairstyle, change your wardrobe. Erotic underwear, an intimate haircut, piercing or tattoo will help arouse sexual desire in your man.

Along with external changes, try and behave differently. Surprise your spouse with unusual behavior, he should see you from a new, unknown side. For example, dance a secretly rehearsed striptease or recreate the behavior of your favorite heroine from adult films.

Passionate Tricks

Very often, the most passionate sex happens to spouses after separation. If your husband left for a week on a business trip or to visit his parents, start preparing for his arrival. Write him daily SMS or emails in which you tell him that you miss him. The more frank they are, the more the man will wait for the meeting. By the time the spouse returns, put yourself in order, send the children to their grandmother and dress in the sexiest outfit.

If no short-term separations are planned in the near future, arrange a romantic dinner in a beautiful setting. It is recommended to include aphrodisiacs in the menu — products that increase sexual desire. These include strawberries, bananas, artichokes, fish, avocados, shrimp, cilantro, red wine.

Many men are lovers of peeping. Set up a situation that is convenient for spying on how you care for yourself. For example, leave the bathroom or bedroom door open and «ignore» your husband’s presence. To look as impressive as possible, dim the lighting. Naturally, you don’t need to shave your legs and epilate at such a moment, start applying cream to your body, comb your hair, just show off in front of a mirror.

When going to visit friends, “forget” to wear panties and tell your husband about it already in the car. Thanks to this information, your man will think about sex all evening. And if you manage to retire in the bathroom, do not refuse spontaneous sex — adrenaline rush guarantees an unforgettable orgasm!

One of the most popular ways to cause a flash of passion is to make a man jealous. But this method should be used carefully so that jealousy does not lead to disastrous consequences.


If, in addition to passion, mutual understanding, care and support have disappeared in your relationship, this is an occasion to think about the expediency of their continuation.

Useful advice

Try to spend all your free time together. You probably have the ability to give up something in favor of your relationship.
How can a woman return the fire to the marital bed
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