How to reveal your abilities

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How to reveal your abilities

Many writers, artists and other professionals, reaching certain stages of professional development, experienced doubts about their abilities. Moreover, such doubts are natural at the very beginning of a life or professional path. There are several good ways to reliably identify your abilities.
Skills will be clearly manifested in the chosen business


Pass a special test. There are many different tests on the Internet. If the source is not known, it is better not to get carried away with such tests, so as not to get even more confused in yourself. There are many teachings about personality types, heredity, and so on. Contact a specialist in any field who will help you competently pass good tests. Don’t get hung up on this step and don’t give it too much importance.
Give up doing some things so that you have some free time every day. Call this time «Ability Discovery Lesson». Teach this lesson to yourself over a long period of time, such as a year. What can you do about it?
Take a look around and start doing things you’ve never done before or didn’t have time for. Plant trees, learn to play the guitar, learn Chinese, paint, cross-stitch, train dogs, teach your neighbors math, go hiking, etc.
Just try whatever comes to your mind. It doesn’t matter if you succeed or not. The main thing is whether you experience joy from the process itself, whether you think about it, whether you start making plans. Some classes will quickly bore you, and some can captivate. Do not attach too much importance to this step either, just notice for yourself what activities bring you inner joy.
Watch the people who are around you every day. What gives them joy, what are your actions? What are you doing that makes people brighter? Note this for yourself. Also ask the people around you what they think you are good at. Interview a few dozen people if you can. Write down their responses.
Compare the results of the 3 previous steps. Somewhere at the intersection your abilities should «light up». Think in what specific case they could be clearly manifested. Even if this is playing the violin, and you are already 90 years old and you have never studied music, do not dismiss this idea as unpromising. History knows many cases when people, even in old age, started to learn something from scratch and achieved outstanding results after a certain number of years.
Once you have gained clarity about your abilities and understood in what business they can be used, the most important thing begins. Find a professional who has already achieved success in this business. This should be a professional who can give qualified advice. Get a meeting with him and ask if you should do this business, if you have the ability to do this.

A professional will very quickly determine your actual chances of success. He will not be hypocritical and say something to comfort you, but he will give a truly impartial assessment. It will not be difficult for him to evaluate a newcomer. If he confirms that you really have the ability, then you can rest assured.


Anyone can make mistakes, even professionals. If a specialist said that you have no abilities in something, but you do not agree with this, contact another professional, then a third one.

If some business is not very successful for you yet, but it gives you joy and you are ready to work hard and hard on it, then most likely you have abilities in this area.

Stephen Scott became a millionaire in marketing and advertising. But he went through a rough patch when his boss fired him from his job and told him he would never succeed in marketing. Remember this.

Useful advice

To find out what you are capable of, you have to try a lot, and there is often not enough time for this. Stop watching TV, «hang out» on the Internet, chat with friends. Get busy.

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