How to rule a woman

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How to rule a woman

Every man deep down wants to control a woman. They say that Don Juan and Casanova, the famous seducers of the past, have mastered the magical secrets of influencing women and their feelings. And their modern followers claim that they really uncovered the secret of controlling a woman. And the secret lies in the fact that women’s behavior depends only on how the man himself behaves.
How to rule a woman


Never show that you need a woman, on the contrary, become the person that other women constantly need. One of the options for creating such an image is to shift her attention in her stories to the female team that always surrounds you. For example, tell me how you were struck by the story of the breakup of the girl who gave you a ride on a date with her ex-boyfriend.
Always evoke emotions in her with your behavior: dark and light, anger and joy. To feel the fullness of life, each person needs the whole range of emotions. This applies to the female gender to the fullest! Become an attentive psychologist, learn to understand women. Look closely at them, feel what emotions they lack now, and pull those strings.
Remember that seduction is a game. Take everything easy and fun. Your state is always transmitted to the interlocutor. In addition, women have a very developed intuition. So be relaxed, open and cheerful. Make all appointments and spend on your territory, where you feel comfortable, where there are many of your acquaintances and other girls who treat you well. In addition to maintaining your condition at the right level, you will be the only familiar person for a woman in an unfamiliar place.
Combine different behaviors. Play romance, awakening bright feelings, provoke, cause aggression towards yourself, focus on the sexual overtones of her behavior. The more different emotions you give her, the sooner she will have the feeling that she knows you well. The more she trusts you, the easier it will be for you to manage a woman and her feelings.

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