How to start a conversation with girls

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How to start a conversation with girls

You like a girl, and you want to approach her to get acquainted, but the success of your undertaking will depend on how you start a conversation.
How to start a conversation with girls


Do not start a conversation with a hackneyed phrase. Show originality. The first phrase should interest, intrigue, laugh, but not drive into a stupor. If you have a sense of humor, this will help a lot. If not, don’t despair. The main thing — do not mumble under your breath, do not stutter, do not insert parasitic words. And even if in ordinary life you swear like a shoemaker, in no case should you use your French when talking with a girl.
Be bold, but not pushy. Overconfidence is repulsive. You can be a little embarrassed. If in fact there is no embarrassment at all, portray it. No need to learn to blush, stutter and blink your eyelashes rapidly. Just make a slight hitch at the end of the phrase. As a starter of a conversation, you can, for example, ask a girl to help deal with something.
To start a conversation at the gym, a veiled compliment on her outfit will do. Veiled! Do not cut from the shoulder with the phrase «Oh, what a cute T-shirt you have, how it delightfully emphasizes the chest.» Easier. At the rink, you can praise her triple somersault. She does not do somersaults, but only sorts out with great difficulty with her skates? Offer a helping hand, gently advise how to push off and how to slow down.

In a nightclub and at a disco, you don’t have to be too smart about the beginning of the first phrase — there the atmosphere itself suggests making acquaintances. Just invite the girl you like to dance, and if she likes you, the conversation will start by itself.

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