How to start a new relationship

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How to start a new relationship

People meet, fall in love, and then, it is not clear for what reason, they part. It’s always been that way, and nothing will change. Therefore, after parting, one should not despair and become depressed. Life goes on and requires active action from you. Don’t focus on the past, focus on the future. ‘Cause start new relations very easy, much harder to keep a partner.
How to start a new relationship


Free yourself from the past life. To start a new relationship, you must forget the past partner. But you should not start if you are not yet ready to connect your life with another person. Nothing should weigh down your future relations. Make sure that the previous partner is no longer claiming your attention. If you were married, complete all procedures with the division of property.
Draw conclusions for yourself from past failures. Think about whose fault they collapsed relations. Perhaps you will learn a lesson for yourself so as not to repeat past mistakes.
Take a closer look at a possible future partner, whether you can withstand him, whether he can withstand you. If there is no mutual understanding between people, then no relationsx is out of the question. Make sure you don’t step on the same rake. After all, if you once again choose the same type of partner, there is a high probability of another failure in relationsX. You must know for sure that this person is ready to stay with you forever.
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Build your future with a partner. It doesn’t hurt to change your place of residence. The new environment will allow you to focus on your new life, leaving everything old behind. If this is not possible (finances do not allow, it is convenient to get to work, the children have a school or kindergarten close), make repairs, throw away old things that remind you of the old relationsx, buy new. Update everything around you beyond recognition so that nothing reminds you and your new partner of the past.
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Start new shared habits, rituals. Meet new people. After all, in old companies you will be constantly asked about the «former» or compared with the «former». Now you have a new life. And even the shadow of a past relationship should not bother or embarrass you.
Never try to set a new partner as an example of the previous one. Also, if you talk too much about him, no one in such a situation will be pleased. The main rule — do not live in the past, look to the future.
Useful advice
Always analyze your past. It is there that the cause of your failures is revealed. By correcting them, you can live a normal life and not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

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