How to stay interesting to your husband

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How to stay interesting to your husband

Every woman wants to be unique, interesting and desirable for her husband. So what to do if your husband’s interest in you has cooled down, he has become less attentive to you and now spends less time at home? In this case, you should not run after him, control or try to somehow command him. You need to take completely different steps.
How to stay interesting to your husband


Everyone knows the phrase: «a man loves with his eyes.» Let’s start with this. Women in the modern world are so busy that they care little about their appearance. They can walk for months in the same clothes, “not getting out” of old clothes. Perhaps you are so comfortable, but do not forget that a man cares how his wife is dressed. Do not spare money on your new clothes. Try to dress more feminine — dresses, skirts, heels, a beautiful handbag. Hairstyle, beautiful styling is very important for a woman. After all, it is always nice to see a neat and well-groomed woman next to you.
Be your friend husband. Try to listen to him. Let his work be interesting to you. Let your selfishness (to a greater or lesser extent everyone has it) do not prevent you from seeing the needs and desires of your husband. After all, men are not arranged like women, and they are very sensitive to criticism. Did you know that just one critical remark drops a man’s potency by 60%. Therefore, take care of his health and nerves. If he really needs to make a remark, try to do it as gently as possible.
Every man wants to be a hero to his wife. Admire him more, say words of love and gratitude to him, praise him. In this way, you will achieve much more from your husband than through criticism.
Cook for him with love. Cook him his favorite dishes, even if it takes a long time. Please him with new dishes from time to time. You can express your love to him in this way.
Improve yourself constantly. Think about what new things you would like to do. There are many interesting activities, such as knitting, sewing, fitness, dancing, foreign languages. This will raise your self-esteem and add interest in you as a person.
Show your initiative in sex. This will surely please your husband. Now many articles are published on this topic in various women’s magazines and on the Internet. You can come up with something new yourself, such as erotic massage or erotic dance. It will revive the intimate side of your relationship.
It brings the spouses together to rest alone — at sea, in nature or at home, by candlelight.
In general, to remain interesting to your lover husband not difficult. For this, your desire and a little effort are enough.

Advice 2: How to become interesting to your husband

Being married for many years, it is quite difficult to remain interesting for your husband. However, if you choose the right tactics of behavior, you can not only arouse short-term interest in your other half, but also easily maintain this state for a long time.
How to be interesting to your husband

Daily routine work and household duties can turn a spectacular girl into an absolutely unattractive person. In order to avoid such a fate and be interesting to the spouse, first of all, it is important to realize that all internal and external changes carried out in the future on oneself must be done only for oneself, and not for someone else, even if it is a beloved husband.

If a woman cannot love herself, then you should not expect ardent passion and hot love from her husband.

Always be well-groomed

Men love with their eyes, and this must always be remembered. It often happens that a woman, being married, after a while ceases to monitor her appearance. Moreover, when she leaves home, she puts on a marathon, and when she comes home, she takes off her makeup, puts on a shabby dressing gown and puts a whole set of runaways on her head. It is clear that such an appearance does not cause absolutely no emotions in a man.

The husband begins to treat his wife as a sexless creature with whom you can discuss pressing issues. However, for a full-fledged family life, an intimate life is essential, and at the same time it should be interesting and eventful. And for this you need to always remain desirable for your husband.

Every married woman should make it a habit to “beautify”, even if the coming day has to be spent at home. Coiffed hair, light makeup, beautiful clothes can arouse the spouse’s former interest in his wife.

Cook with love

It is important for every man to realize that they are waiting for him at home. And one of the best proofs of your care and love is a deliciously cooked dinner. There are a huge number of simple and delicious dishes. It is worth learning how to cook them and delight your loved one every evening with a variety of culinary creations. He will definitely notice the efforts of his wife and appreciate it.

Vacation with husband

For a married man, a spouse should not be associated with routine household chores, but with some pleasant life moments, for example, with vacations. Spending time together is a great opportunity to make relationships stronger and give each other a piece of your warmth.

When deciding how to spend time together, you need to take into account not only your own interests, but also the interests of your spouse. However, one should not put the desires of the second half above all, because a woman is interesting to a man when she has her own «I».

Joint vacations should be planned in advance. It should be varied and interesting. So, on one weekend you can go on a picnic together, on others you can invite your friends for a joint walk in the park or to the cinema.

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