How to stop blushing

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How to stop blushing

Shy and shy people have one delicate problem: they blush for any reason and without it. You don’t die from this, but such an innocent display of blush on the cheeks can ruin a life, especially in adolescence. People who have faced such a problem understand that sometimes it seems insoluble.

When a person is shy, in addition to such manifestations on the face, increased sweating of the palms is also possible. It is not in our power to stop reacting in this way, but everyone can learn to cope with their embarrassment. It takes a little patience and perseverance.

How to stop blushing:

  1. When talking to a person, you may blush if the interlocutor asked you a question that confused you. To avoid awkward silence, it is better to speak out loud about your embarrassment so as not to drive yourself into a corner completely. Avoid awkward silence, say directly: «You embarrassed me.»
  2. Everyone has physical handicaps. Fat people dream of losing weight and vice versa. You have your flaws, perhaps only you can see, or so you think. You blush because it seems to you that everyone is laughing at you. If you feel comfortable with excess weight, and it does not harm your health, put the inferiority complex out of your head.
  3. Do not criticize or condemn everyone. When you criticize others, you think they are also criticizing you. Against this background, your confidence will fade. Self-doubt breeds shyness.
  4. If you have some kind of responsible event, and you are worried, share with the same person who, like you, is worried. It will make you feel better that you are not the only one with this problem. This will give you confidence.
  5. Do not use alcohol to loosen up. When sober, you are more likely to win sympathy for yourself, even with your blush on your cheeks.
  6. If you have to speak in public, don’t think that everyone noticed your blush. They do not evaluate you and your external data, but your performance. Being distracted by what people think of you can ruin your presentation. Your blush will only attract members of the opposite sex and add sympathy to you.

If you manage to stop blushing after learning these rules, try learning to blush «on demand.» An actor who cries on stage and touches a nerve is considered a master of his craft. This will be your main victory.

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