How to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday

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How to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday

There are many holidays in a year, but only one of them belongs entirely and completely to a person. I’m talking about the day, of course. birth. To demonstrate to your beloved all the depth of your feelings and all the facets of your care, you should take on the organization of an unforgettable holiday.
How to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday


Surprise Girls are both romantic and a little conceited at the same time. A rare young lady will be indifferent to a public demonstration of feelings. Forget about virtual gifts in a social network, in its day get ready to play big. Send her a bouquet by courier to work — and until the end of the day, colleagues will discuss how lucky the birthday girl was with her admirer.
DelightTry to finish your business early to meet girl from work (or from the institute) and start the evening tete-a-tete. When a holiday falls on a work day day, it is more logical to have lunch first, and then arrange an entertainment program. Depending on the budget and character of the girl, arrange an adventure in the form of going karting, water zorbing or flying in a hot air balloon.
ArrangeIf the lady of your heart plans to celebrate day birth not alone with you, but in the circle of family and friends, take on the organization of this party. After choosing a place, keep its location a secret. Take care of those little things that make the holiday special. For example, order an author’s cake (with the girl’s name and paraphernalia that is close to her) or invite musicians to play her favorite songs.
Ideas for the creative An eye-catching greeting doesn’t have to be expensive. You can give your beloved a cloud of balloons by launching them to fly up to her window. If you tie a small postcard with gentle words to the ribbon of each ball, she will never forget this gift. Prepare her a bath with rose petals at home, light candles and present beautiful linen as a gift — this scenario combines care, romance and surprise.
Useful advice
Surprises are surprises, but your sweetheart doesn’t want to look silly in an evening gown on a bungee or on a skating rink, or flaunt a tracksuit in a restaurant (before or after the adventure). So tell her about the dress code that the chosen birthday scenario suggests.

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