How to take a day off from the club

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How to take a day off from the club

Parents are often overprotective of their children. They do this not because they try to be tyrants, but because they love them very much and show caution in everything. Teenagers do not understand this, they want freedom: attend parties, meet friends. And how, with such a contrast of views, to convince vigilant parents to let you go, for example, in club?
How to take a day off from the club


Try to explain to your parents that you want to visit a decent place where there are no drug addicts, drunkards, representatives of dysfunctional families, etc. Do not scandal — swearing will not help, it will only make the relationship cool. Everyone will prove their case. And if the quarrel drags on for a long time, then you risk losing any other privileges, for example, buying a computer or other long-awaited thing. As a result, you will never visit the club, and adults will think that they raised a reveler.
Talk about going with friends. Sometimes parents «point the finger» at one of your friends and say: «Look what a good boy (girl), studies hard, behaves decently.» If you manage to persuade such an ideal to go with you, then the severity of the father and mother will clearly be shaken. They will definitely like that you will be in good company.
If there is a young man (girl), you can convince adults together. Especially if they don’t mind your relationship. Moreover, a couple in love can remind them of youth. Nostalgia will make you move and change your uncompromising opinion.
When you have something to brag about, you can use such arguments. For example, grades in the diary (record book), house cleaning or some other help can please. Thus, you may well deserve a rest. If your behavior was not distinguished by obedience before going to the club, then be sure to promise that after this event, you will become an exemplary child. Understand that for your parents you will forever remain a baby, you can only come to terms with this. It is useless to fight with them, it is better to show your love and affection. They will be pleased, and it will be easier for you to get what you want. Think about the fact that someday you will also become a father (mother) and experience all the difficulties of raising a teenager.

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