How to talk to a girl

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How to talk to a girl

Let’s imagine you invited a beautiful girl on a date, or in some other way organized a situation when you were left alone together. Or you did not organize anything — the situation arose naturally, for example, on a train. After the exchange of smiles and common phrases, there comes a moment when you realize that you need to say something. And not just to say, but to continue the conversation. Embarrassment occurs due to a lack of understanding of what to say or what to talk about with a girl. And, as a result, you begin to look with your eyes for something to pay attention to, do not find it, get lost and cease to be self-confident.
How to talk to a girl


Think about how to find out from her what is interesting to her in life. Ask her opinion on this or that matter. Remember that asking questions is the ideal way to get enough information. Naturally, in the process of questioning, it will become clear to you what she expects from you and, of course, about what you should not do.
One very important quality is needed — the ability to listen. To listen means to show attention. And the girls just need it. The main thing is to try to actually listen in the process of listening, and not just “hear” some sounds at a moment when your attention is diverted to other objects, and you just nod your head to keep up the conversation. This «option» will not help. Remember: girls always feel the sincerity of attention, and as soon as they feel false, they “close”. She will consider you «fake», and that’s it.
If you find out that you have something in common in life, such as studies, hobbies, interests, work, or even acquaintances, be sure to invite her to carefully discuss this aspect. It’s very good if you are sincerely interested in her own life (just don’t “get into her soul” with questions about her personal life). In this case, do not hesitate, the girl will appreciate such attention from you.

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