How to teach a baby to crawl

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How to teach a baby to crawl

The long-awaited happiness came to the house — a small flower of life appeared. And all the most interesting awaits young parents ahead. And after some time, about six months or a little later, you need to teach the child to crawl, and then take the first steps. Crawling is very useful for the baby — many muscle groups are being strengthened. The back, legs, shoulders, spine are all prepared for further walking.

As a rule, children themselves begin to crawl, but if they cannot, then they should try to help. In this case, the consultation of a specialist will not hurt. It will be good if the kid likes this activity. Then crawling will be a pleasure.

Everyone knows that not all children crawl, some begin to walk, bypassing crawling. But they miss the most important stage, in which case you need to make an effort to ensure that your baby still crawls.

In infancy, all children are very curious. Put the baby on his tummy, preferably on a carpet or lay something soft, and in front of him a toy. The child immediately reaches for it. Gradually move the toy farther and farther — the child will learn to move, move towards his goal. The baby must move the legs and arms on his own. You only help in some cases to keep the balance. Repeat these exercises daily, little by little and with different toys. Keep all the toys on the lowest shelves so that your little one can easily reach them.

You can practice crawling with a ball. Lay your baby on the ball with their tummy. Then slowly, move the ball forward, when the handles reach the floor, tilt the ball back so that the legs already reach the floor. Such or other exercises with the ball are very useful if the child himself cannot crawl yet. This is the so-called preparatory stage, at which the baby learns to open his hands, bend his legs as necessary.

Crawl along with the baby, invite another child a little older, as an example. So you yourself can see everything through the eyes of a little one. Do not leave the baby unattended, always be there. Keep the room where the baby crawls clean so that he does not breathe dust. Hide all dangerous objects from it, plug all sockets with plugs, remove everything unnecessary from the lower shelves.

But if the baby does not succeed, do not despair, but do not give up trying to help your child, and then sooner or later you will be able to teach the child to crawl. The child will learn everything on its own over time. Instincts will make themselves felt and tell him what to do and how to do it. And soon your baby will joyfully stomp his legs towards you.

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