How to teach a child to fall asleep on his own

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How to teach a child to fall asleep on his own

All parents sooner or later face problems in raising children. One of the most common difficulties in raising children at an early age is teaching a child to be independent. So, teaching a child to sleep on their own is very difficult.

From an early age, a baby gets used to the fact that his mother is always there, even when he sleeps. Therefore, it is necessary to accustom the child to independence gradually. Often the child categorically refuses to go to bed. There can be many reasons for this. For example, a child simply does not want to part with his toys, or he is not tired yet, or is simply afraid of the dark. Sometimes children scream in their sleep when they have nightmares. In such cases, the baby may not go to sleep, fearing that the nightmare will happen again. Too caring parents have children who are too spoiled. They are accustomed to going to sleep only if they are strongly persuaded. How to teach a child to fall asleep on his own?

  1. Do not constantly persuade the child. By coming up with more and more incentives that will put your child to bed this time, by the age of three you will completely spoil him. And then there will be much more serious problems. Therefore, do not allow yourself any mercantile relationship with children.
  2. Arm yourself with patience, understanding and goodwill and start teaching your child to be independent.
  3. Remember that in the first year of a child’s life it is difficult to get used to anything. Therefore, only after the first year, start teaching him to go to bed on his own. Don’t let him sleep during the day. Try to lure him into play activities.
  4. If possible, provide the child with a separate room as soon as possible.
  5. If the baby starts crying, approach him as soon as possible. Caress and comfort him so that he knows that his mother is always there.
  6. If your child has a bad dream, pick him up, turn on the light and calm him down. Otherwise, in the future, your baby will be afraid to go to bed.
  7. In the event that a child is older than one and a half years, then it will be much more difficult to accustom him. Children of this age are more intelligent. Come up with a special ritual that will be performed daily before bedtime. For example, tell your child a story. Soon he will get used to it, and after each fairy tale he will fall asleep on his own.
  8. You can teach your child to fall asleep on their own with the help of a soft toy that will replace you.

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