How to teach a mistress a lesson

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How to teach a mistress a lesson

How many families are falling apart because of the connections of men on the side! According to statistics, for an ordinary man, relationships that develop into novels happen 4-5 times in a lifetime. And poor wives suffer, looking for various ways to punish and teach a lesson mistress.
How to teach a mistress a lesson


The most advanced methods today are punishment via the Internet: posting photos of a homeowner on websites with appropriate comments, sending e-mails to her husband or to her work. In some ways, this is reminiscent of the party times of the Soviet era — when family troubles were brought to meetings of the labor collective.
There are grandmother’s methods: turning to sorcerers and fortune-tellers, preparing various spells and love spells.
And there are even cases when deceived wives sue their mistresses. True, the judges have not yet considered such lawsuits, motivating the refusal by the fact that treason is not a crime, it is just a violation of moral and ethical standards.
Hatred for the homeowner arises from the desire to divert the blame from oneself and the goose-husband to an outsider. You subconsciously want to make only your mistress the culprit of all your family troubles. But the real reasons lie just in your relationship with your husband.
Think about how long you had a heart-to-heart with him, were interested in his problems at work, asked about his plans. Perhaps you were swallowed up by the routine of family troubles, you did not notice the changes that were happening to your husband. They missed the reason for his aloofness. Remember when he tried to start a conversation with you, you brushed it off, referring to being busy in the kitchen? And perhaps it was then that he needed your support, understanding and sympathy.
By the age of thirty, there are significantly more single women than single men. And everyone wants happiness. So it turns out that someone else took the time to listen to your husband, to sympathize with him. And then it turned around…
The main thing in your situation is not to run to your opponent’s house, not to make scandals, but it is better to talk to her calmly. Perhaps, in this way, you will find out her plans and then correct your behavior in relation to your husband.
Gradually begin to return him to you, conquer again, seduce and seduce. Men are very affectionate. The more you begin to pay him attention, care and warmth, the faster he will relax and return to his home.

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