How to tell a girl about feelings

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How to tell a girl about feelings

Mutual feelings are wonderful. If you think that reciprocity has arisen between you and the girl of your dreams and you want to take the relationship to a more serious level, you need to confess your feelings to her.
Create a romantic setting for recognition


The first option is the traditional one. Invite a girl to a restaurant. First, tell her some romantic story that is similar to yours, of course with other heroes at the head. Express your attitude towards them and ask her how she assesses the situation in the story. Much will depend on her reaction. By the one whom she criticizes, and whom, on the contrary, she praises, you will understand what awaits you in case of recognition. If you are completely satisfied with the response, you can proceed further.
You can talk about what she expects from a relationship with the person she loves, how she sees family life, how much she will go for love. This will help you understand how serious you are about relationships with this particular girl, and how ready she is for them.

Now you can say that there is a girl you love but don’t know how she feels about you. If she says she doesn’t know either, or is indifferent to it, postpone the conversation until better times. If she is ready to perceive your revelations further, say that she is this girl. The reaction can be very different. She may jump for joy, hug you, or just silently look at you. But in no case do not demand an instant response from her. She needs to digest your words, analyze the situation. It’s not every day you confess your love.

Option two, heroic. Women want to see heroes in their life partners who can overcome the ordinary and the banal. This means that some incredibly romantic act can win the heart of any woman. Find out where the girl feels most comfortable and safe. It is this place that will be ideal for your recognition. It’s better if you’re alone. If you are going to confess your feelings in public (for example, to come to her work on a real white horse), especially with her acquaintances, then you must be sure that your feelings are mutual, otherwise you risk either hearing «no» in front of witnesses, or put the girl in an uncomfortable position.


When talking about your feelings, be serious, there is no better way to piss off a woman than mocking her feelings. In this case, it is hardly worth counting on a positive reaction.

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