How to train your memory

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How to train your memory

For memory training, it is good to use a set of simple exercises that are based on proven methods. The more we give work to the brain, the better it controls the body.
How to train your memory


Reading aloud develops not only mental but also visual memory. Open a picture with at least 20 objects drawn and try to remember what is shown in the picture for one minute. Then you need to close the book and try to remember as many items as possible from the picture. The brain receives more information if you are relaxed and breathe deeply.
A necessary part of memory training is physical activity, thereby saturating the brain with oxygen. Even exercises such as walking have a positive effect on brain function.
You can also train the level of development of auditory memory. Ask to read words 10-15 to you and try to remember them in the order in which they were read.
Another effective method is this exercise: when you have already gone to bed, try to remember how your day started, how it went, step by step. And then vice versa, starting from the end of the day until you wake up. Train your memory and be healthy!


Go to bed early, do not abuse alcohol and caffeine, it is better to drink clean water at least 1.5-2 liters. in a day. Fasting is bad for your brain. When smoking, the blood vessels constrict, and the mental capacity gradually weakens.

Useful advice

Include more vitamins B, C, F in your diet, for this, treat yourself to chocolate, fruits and seafood. The more you please yourself with gifts and interesting purchases, the better it affects the state of your memory.
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