How to treat your pregnant wife

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How to treat your pregnant wife

During the period of expectation of a child, a woman needs the support of her husband more than ever. The support of the baby’s father helps to treat their fears, anxiety, worries differently. In addition, the entire period of pregnancy, a woman is observed by doctors, takes tests and visits an ultrasound room. All this time she wants to feel the presence of her husband and share with him 9 months of waiting. Just how to deal with pregnant wife? This question is asked by more than one man.
How to treat your pregnant wife


First, give your wife more time than usual. It is during this period that the foundation for future family relationships is laid — a man, a woman and a child. For the birth of a hardy and healthy child, the wife needs to provide psychological comfort.
Secondly, you need to realize that during the period of expectation of a child, a woman begins to perceive the environment, rest, work, environment differently. Give her compliments every day, highlight her accomplishments and successes.
Sometimes a pregnant woman thinks that her husband lives with her solely because of the child. At such moments, you need to calmly and confidently say otherwise, the main thing is that you yourself be calm. Usually such conversations have a positive effect on pregnant women and a good mood returns to them.
Of course, it is difficult to change the habitual way of life suddenly. Now you have to control your words and actions, any careless word can be traumatic for a pregnant wife. Even jokes can be attributed to such words — for a wife this can become a real insult. This is especially true for girls with unstable self-esteem. Do not be ironic about the appearance of your wife, she already reacts painfully to changes in her own body.
Try to spend as much time at home as possible. The baby, being in the womb, reacts the same way to the voices of mom and dad. Stroke your wife’s belly and talk to the unborn child from the first months of pregnancy.
Avoid quarrels and conflicts, do not sort things out. Any negative emotions are contraindicated for a pregnant woman, they adversely affect her nervous system.
Discuss your difficulties and problems with colleagues at work, friends or relatives, try to come home after work only in high spirits. Pregnant women tend to dramatize the situation and torment themselves with anxious doubts.
Help your wife adjust to her new state. If health permits and there is no threat of termination of pregnancy, go with her to visit friends, go out into nature — cozy conversations with nice people will bring considerable benefits. Try to protect your wife from viral diseases. Do not invite sick people home and do not visit crowded places during epidemics.
Share household chores with your wife. Help her wash, iron, take care of cleaning. Be interested in her opinion, praise, involve relatives. They must be delicate and tactful.
If the expectation of a baby has become an obstacle to a trip to the sea, for example, or buying a new car, due to financial costs, do not tell your wife about it. Psychological comfort during pregnancy is more important, and expensive purchases and vacations can be postponed until a later time.
If possible, go with your wife to the doctor’s examinations, visit an ultrasound examination. Discuss upcoming purchases for the birth of a child, plan a meeting from the hospital, come up with a name.
If the wife is forced to spend some period in the hospital, on conservation, visit her daily. Let her feel your support even in such a difficult period, inspire her with a favorable outcome. The thought is material.
Useful advice
Organize joint trips to cinemas, walks around the city, trips. In the first two trimesters, you can go to the sea.

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