How to understand each other

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How to understand each other

The issue of mutual understanding worries almost all couples without exception. And it does not matter if you are together for several months or years. The problem of mutual understanding between a man and a woman is key in conflicts and often leads to parting. But is there really no reasonable and effective way to learn to understand each other?

If, for example, you meet an elderly couple who have spent more than a dozen years together, you will involuntarily ask the question: “How did you do it?” — and get a completely simple answer.

An important step towards mutual understanding is learning to look at each other and listen.


Respect each other. Yes, that’s where it all starts. If you put your interests above the interests of your partner, then do not expect him to treat you with understanding. If you live together for a long time, the problem of mutual respect can only become more and more urgent. To do this, everyone needs to have their own personal space. Having your own «world» of interests, you automatically respect the «world» of interests of your loved one. You develop yourself, do not interfere with each other, but rather help to improve.
Listen to each other. A familiar scene: she talks about her household chores, he talks about problems at work. No one takes seriously the difficulties of the other, considering their own paramount. Remember, if you are together, there should not be «the more important.» You should hear each other, try to understand your loved one in any matter.
After each conversation, listen to yourself — is there any sediment left — and were you inattentive and didn’t notice something — maybe you should say something else to your loved one? Do not leave «white spots» (or vice versa — «black holes») in your communication. It must develop, live and be updated every second.
Realize that the person next to you is not you. He is a completely different being, both physically and spiritually. If you like, this is a separate Cosmos. When you accept this, you will turn 180 degrees and see how amazing this person is. He doesn’t look like you at all! You will listen to what he says, be interested in him, rejoice in his successes, you will want to be more gentle and caring. Try it and you will surely succeed.

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