How to understand if a person is lying or not

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How to understand if a person is lying or not

There are some signs by which you can determine whether a person is telling you the truth or lying. An experienced liar, most likely, will pierce on a couple of signs, but in an inexperienced one, you will most likely find a whole “bouquet”. Determining lies and truth will be useful to you both in your personal life and in your professional life.
How to understand if a person is lying or not


A liar expresses his emotions and reactions very slowly, in comparison with how a person usually behaves. It starts with pauses, passes more restlessly and ends abruptly.
Some time passes between the expression of emotions and the spoken words. For example, they tell you that you did something brilliantly and only then, after realizing what was said, do they smile. In a person who speaks the truth, emotions will go along with words.
The facial expression does not match what the person is saying. For example, when you are told «You are the most beautiful», the person’s face becomes as if he had eaten half a lemon.
When a liar expresses emotions, not the whole face is involved, but only some part of it. For example, he smiles only with his mouth, without using the muscles of his nose, eyes and cheeks. By the way, in such cases, the eyes really become a mirror of the soul, because it is very difficult to control their expression, and for some it is actually impossible.
The person who lies will avoid meeting your eyes.
The one who tells a lie outwardly tries to occupy as little space as possible, pressing his hands to himself and one to the other — his legs. He may also try to turn his body or head away from you.
The liar will make excuses in conversation, instead of going on the «attack».
A lying person will touch or scratch their ears or nose very often. There are rare cases when a liar begins to touch his chest with an open palm, to the area of ​​u200bu200bthe heart.
Often a liar will not give you a clear answer to the question posed, instead he will say a “floating” answer that can be understood in different ways.
A person who lies will say a lot of unnecessary things. He will be uncomfortable if there are pauses in the conversation.
Often, a lying person will use humor and sarcasm to get around the topic.
Memorize these signs, and you will easily determine if someone is lying to you. And know that they work best on people you’ve known for a long time.
How to understand that a person is lying
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How to understand that a person is lying

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