How to understand if he needs you

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How to understand if he needs you

Man and woman are completely different beings. Sometimes it is completely incomprehensible what a man wants to say when doing some act. You have to think and puzzle over solving this puzzle. Also in relationships — sometimes the male sex behaves in such a way that you cannot understand whether he needs you or not. At some point, it seems that he cannot live without you, and sometimes doubts creep into his soul and it seems that he is indifferent to you. In fact, it’s pretty easy to figure out if he needs you.
How to understand if he needs you


Don’t fool yourself. If you have doubts, and you cannot understand how your lover treats you, then you should think about it seriously. No need to turn a blind eye to actions that hurt and make you think about the true relationship. If there are any, then they need to be thought about and understood why a man behaves this way. Maybe he doesn’t want a serious relationship? Perhaps he is just passing the time and will soon say goodbye to you.
See how much time he spends with you. Is it enough? If he prefers you over meeting friends, then this is a big plus in his favor. If a man spends all his free time with his beloved girl, then this girl is not indifferent to him, and he needs it. If he is ready to sacrifice for her what was previously the most important for him, then his priorities have changed, and now the beloved woman he needs has come to the fore.
Analyze his actions. Does he do things that can hurt. He promised to go to the cinema, but he went with his friends to a bar? If this happens regularly, then, alas, at the moment, friends are a little more important than you. Making promises and not keeping them? The sad conclusion suggests itself. Unless he keeps his promises to everyone he makes them to.
Think about what he can do for you. Does he talk about family, children and other family moments. Someone who does not need a serious relationship will avoid these topics. Although a man may simply not be ready for this yet, he takes you seriously.
If you have suspicions that you are not alone with him, do not drive them away. It is better to ask him directly and see his reaction than to drive away bad thoughts and suffer. Having immediately dotted all the i’s, you can later avoid big disappointments and resentment.

When a man needs a woman, he shows it to everyone and everywhere. If he tries at any opportunity to dismiss, as from an annoying fly, this means that he has no feelings for this girl.


What kind of man does a woman need. How are male and female character traits distributed in a person? To understand what kind of man a woman needs, you need to take into account that there are no ideal people, each person is individual, including a man. And women build an ideal from many components, often simply incompatible with each other.

Useful advice

In order to understand a man, you must first learn how to talk to him correctly. To understand a man, it is important to learn how to communicate your thoughts and desires to a man. And for this you need to learn the language of men. First, you need to learn how to clearly formulate the topic of conversation. Puffed out cheeks and rolled eyes, questions — «what kind of relationship do we have» are incomprehensible to men and scare them.

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