How to understand love or habit

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How to understand love or habit

The feeling of love comes suddenly — it seems to cover with the head. A loved one seems ideal, the best in the world. And they are ready to live with him all their lives and never be separated. But not every feeling of love is durable, often it is replaced by ordinary affection for a person.
After several years of living together, it is difficult to distinguish between love and habit.


How to understand your feelings and understand whether you love or live with each other due to a strong habit?
First, you should find out why such thoughts came to your mind, for sure, something did not suit you in the relationship. And this is understandable, because after some time of living together, passion dulls, there is no novelty of emotions, so the relationship becomes quite calm and monotonous. This can cause boredom and thoughts that love long gone. Is it worth living together then?
Don’t jump to conclusions. The fact that you are not now experiencing every minute flashes of passion, as in the days when you started dating, is a natural phenomenon. But it doesn’t mean that love passed. It’s just that your feeling has moved to a new, more mature level. You have to be able to save it.
Psychologists identify several signs of family relationships that can be used to understand whether you still love each other or live in affection. Your partner is not perfect, but you are happy with him.
For example, you have always dreamed of an athlete and activist chosen one, and you married a homebody who spends his free time reading magazines and books. When the first emotional downturn of your feelings passes, you begin to soberly evaluate your partner, clearly see all his shortcomings and habits that you did not notice during the period of passionate love. It is at this very time that you should decide for yourself whether you can live with the shortcomings of your beloved. Moreover, it is not to get along and endure, but to live happily and calmly, accepting a person as he is.
You feel confident and comfortable with the person.

You are not alarmed by the fact that now you do not walk all night long, and your husband does not climb into your bedroom through an open window. You understand that a married couple has other joys. You are happy that your loved one, returning from work, does not forget to buy you your favorite cookie, that you fall asleep on his shoulder every night. Of course, in married life there is a place for unusual impressions and emotions. It all depends on you and your imagination. Do not think that family life is boring and monotonous. You just love and appreciate your chosen one, even if he does not arrange daily grandiose entertainment for you.

Love is built on mutual respect.
Neglect can kill even the strongest feelings. If spouses truly love each other, they will try to find compromises in controversial situations.
Love gives confidence.
Having a reliable, loving «rear», you can conquer more and more peaks for yourself. The support of a loved one is what gives us strength, inspires confidence in the future.
Speaking of love, it is worth saying a few words about habit. Is the situation really hopeless when you realize that there is no more love, only affection remains? It very often happens that love passes, people quickly part and forget about each other. But the person you are used to is very difficult to let go. Habit — terrible force.
Therefore, before destroying a relationship, consider whether your habit is just another form of love.
Recognizing that love has passed is worth it if you stop associating everything with one particular person. Spain becomes just a country, not a place where you spent your holidays together, and the jewelry that he gave, only a jewelry that you no longer want to wear every day. You notice couples in love and realize perfectly well that you are no longer like them.
Useful advice
How to understand that love has passed? What contributed to this? Let’s figure it out. Scientists have identified hormones that are responsible for each stage of a love relationship. They also proved that love is not eternal. How long does love take? Representatives of the older generation can answer: «Love lives for three years.» And they turn out to be right, although they rely only on life experience, and not science.

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