How to use men

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How to use men

Every woman wants her man to fulfill her every whim. Often men do not want to do this or simply forget to give a woman joy. There are several methods, knowing which, you can easily manipulate your beloved man and easily make him fulfill all your desires and whims.
How to use men


A skilled woman should always act stealthily, unobtrusively. Hint to your man that he, for example, is very similar to the sexy football player David Beckham. This comparison for him will mean as a call to action. What man can resist the fact that a woman puts him on the same level with a famous idol.
Show the man that you are smarter than him. In this case, he will intuitively begin to do everything for you, you just have to give him the slightest hints, and he will do the rest himself. Tell him that you feel stupid next to him and you are always very interested in his stories.
To learn how to control a man, you need to forget about your maternal instinct. You should not conduct constant moralizing conversations on the topic of how harmful this or that product is, and that you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Keep your distance, because men are drawn to everything forbidden and unknown. If you want to get attention and take over a man, then do not fight for him, namely, do not try to impress. Let the man do it. On the side of the seeker, stand on the side of the chooser. In this case, the man will do whatever you want.

Useful advice

Do not impose your will on a man in an open form, do it with the help of verbal means.

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