How to view marital status

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How to view marital status

Relationships are developing, and I want to move to a new stage, but doubts about the marital status of the second half prevent me from doing this. Then a few simple tricks will help you to know it exactly and make the right decision.
View marital status online in contact
You will need
  • Computer / phone with Internet access or alcohol or acquaintances in the police / registry office


Risky. Create a relaxed, trusting environment with the help of alcohol and take advantage of the temporary absence of your soulmate — see the status of marital status in your passport. But there is a risk that the premature return of the chosen one / chosen one will be the final point in your relationship.
Spy. Knowing the last name, first name, patronymic and registration / passport data, you can find out the family position through acquaintances in the police or the registry office (they have information about every citizen of the Russian Federation (Russian Federation) for this parameter.
Online. In social networks there is a column «Family position«, especially users of the VKontakte network like to indicate it. For many users, the online status is very significant and confirms the seriousness of the relationship. So you should go to the page to the right person (if the page is closed, you will first have to add friends or find a mutual friend , through whose Account to log in) and look at the corresponding column.
Program. There are various online communication programs. For example, Skype (Skype), ICQ (ICQ or just ICQ) and others. They have a tab «Personal data» and in them the column «Family position«. Most users of the Internet and similar programs fill in all the columns of this tab. So you need to find out the nickname (name) or number of the second half in one of the programs, register or find a registered user among friends and look at the desired column.

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