How to wean a child from the hands

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How to wean a child from the hands

Many parents, trying to calm the baby, constantly take him in his arms. As a result, a number of problems arise in the future. Weaning a child from the hands is not so easy. Gradually, the baby gets used to the fact that with the help of his crying he can achieve everything, his mother will always take him in her arms, calm him down and fulfill all his requirements. The main culprits in this situation are the parents themselves. A child, getting used to having fun only with his mother, loses the opportunity to develop independently.
To wean child fall asleep on hands, you should first offer him some alternative. The transition should be gradual and smooth. First, let the child see you, but at the same time lie on the bed. You can even sleep with your baby so that he feels your presence, but at the same time is not on your side. hands.

After a certain period, you can “replace” yourself with a plush toy so that the child still feels the presence of something warm and soft, and you can sleep peacefully in your place. If the child begins to act up, then you do not need to pick him up. Sit next to him and tell him something, like a story, in a calm, soft voice. Thus, you will calm the baby and lull him without rocking on hands. And already in the process of growing up, the child will become more independent, and will not require much of your attention.
wean child fall asleep on hands easily by surrounding it with other interesting things, such as toys. But still, while the child is small, you should not wean him too much. Give him time, for he has the right to a happy childhood. Choice in parenting child completely up to you. You can take him to sleep with you, and then organize his own bed, surrounding him with toys. Or you can put his bed in your room and pay attention to him even at night, which will not be comfortable for you, but comfortable for him. After all, in the early period of life, a child has the right to attention at any time of the day, for that he is a child, and his upbringing is not an easy task.
You need to know a certain balance between kindness and severity. And depending on it, perform different actions, including weaning child by hand. Whether to do it or wait is up to you. And the main thing is to decide right for your family, so do not make a mistake when taking such seemingly petty, but at the same time important steps. In any case, good luck with this.

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