How to wean a husband from computer games

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How to wean a husband from computer games

Family life gives not only joy, but can also present a “bouquet of surprises”. One of the troubles that can be encountered is the annoying habits of a loved one, and in particular, addiction husband to computer games. They solve this problem in different ways: someone silently endures, closing their eyes, someone even puts an end to family relationships, and someone may try to wean husband from this dependency.
How to wean a husband from computer games

You will need

  • You, husband, computer with games, psychologist.


Stock up on long-suffering: without it you will not overcome the rooted in your husband habit.
Talk frankly with your husband. Explain to him that addiction to computer games negatively affects your family relationships. Reassure him that you will not leave him alone to fight the habit, but support him at the right time.
Watch Behavior husband and analyze when exactly he sits down to the computer to play: in moments of joy or stress? Or maybe out of boredom or idleness?
Contact a psychologist with your husband, because addiction to computer games is a disease. It is called cyber addiction. In some cases, without the help of a specialist, this bad habit cannot be coped with.
Do not criticize your husband for his addiction, as this will only aggravate the relationship between you, as well as undermine his desire and determination to fight the bad habit. That is, criticism will give the opposite result.
Useful advice
Often, addiction to computer games is the result of a person’s self-doubt, as well as the absence of any other ways of self-expression. In view of this, the wife’s help may be to help her husband improve his self-esteem. This can be achieved by praising him for everything, including the most insignificant successes and achievements in the fight against the habit.

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