How to Win a Capricorn Man

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How to Win a Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is born to rebuild the world. This is purely an Earth sign. Capricorn is very disciplined — this is given to him by the planet Saturn, which controls him. In addition, the Capricorn man is a very responsible and purposeful sign, but in his heart he is simply an incorrigible romantic, he is very sentimental. And although numerous novels happen in his life, he approaches the choice of a partner carefully.
How to Win a Capricorn Man


Frivolous women do not attract him. As a rule, Capricorns marry late, but they are very attentive and caring spouses, they are reliable and responsible. Marriage for them is rather a convenient form of life.

But if you still got a Capricorn man, in order to conquer his heart and mind, you need to become a real ideal. You should be not just a faithful wife, but also a wonderful housewife, loving and caring mother.

Since Capricorn sometimes behaves modestly with women, the initiative must be taken into one’s own hands, but this should be done unobtrusively and without pressure. It is also important for a Capricorn man what his relatives and friends think about his chosen one. Communicate with this man without unnecessary emotions: gently and modestly. He will appreciate it very much. But do not expect chic gifts from him, the Capricorn man is very stingy and strict in this regard. But he is able to provide a financial situation for his family — he will not waste money, but you will not need anything either.
Be for him brilliant, natural, admirable, but not intrusive. Be attentive to him, but do not bother with your care. If you stop doing household chores, start dressing flashy and squandering money, you, therefore, may soon lose him.


Capricorn always knows what is best. And he does not run for advice, but leads on his own.

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Also, Capricorn does not like when they express their dissatisfaction to him, they force him to change jobs, even if he really likes and suits her.

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