How to win a man’s heart

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How to win a man’s heart

In the life of every woman there is such a moment when she sees a man and understands — here she is — the love of her life! But not always, the chosen man thinks the same thing at that moment. Therefore, as the heroine of the famous film “The Most Charming and Attractive” said: “There is no need to wait for favors from nature, taking them is our task!”.
How to win a man's heart
You will need
  • A wish
  • Ability to cook
  • Restraint


First you need to evaluate the scope of work, if your candidate is married, and even with children, or has a lot of any shortcomings, then you should think about whether you need to spend time on him? But if a man is single, without alimony obligations, and even with many virtues, then it is necessary to take the bull by the horns.
First, start showing interest in the chosen man, find out what interests him, and learn how to keep a conversation about it.
Secondly, always let him know that he is big and strong, and you are tender and fragile. Let him feel like a man, for example: ask him to walk you to the bus stop, because the street is dark, slippery and only he can hold you in case of a fall.
Thirdly, do not be intrusive, do not force him to communicate only with you, let him talk with others, anyway, sooner or later your turn will come, you have already taken care of this.
Fourth, gradually develop in your chosen one the habit that he can no longer do without you. To do this, you can use classic tricks such as treats at lunchtime. At the same time, you will demonstrate what a good hostess you are.
And when your chosen one is already used to your company, sharply limit communication with him. This does not mean at all that you need to quickly run across to the opposite side of the street as soon as you see him, but stop approaching him with the usual conversations and treats. After a while, he will notice your absence and understand that he is used to you, he misses you, and that he likes you. Now your man himself will begin to seek meetings with you, show you signs of attention, show interest in your hobbies. This means that the goal has been achieved. His heart is yours.

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