How to win a man’s love

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How to win a man’s love

No scientist has yet been able to derive a formula for love. What is the ideal recipe, no one knows, but there are psychological observations that will help you on the difficult path of winning male love.
How to win a man's love


Oddly enough, but men like weak and at the same time strong women. On the one hand, it is necessary to seem unprotected, fragile, so that compassion wakes up in him, the desire to protect, help, take under his wing. However, this has nothing to do with pity. You need to have your dignity and a certain strength in order to be able to show your character. The desire of some women to win men through the bed leads to the fact that they become girls for everyone. A man wants to see a decent woman next to him, so if you lie in bed with him on the very first day, then you may win his body, but not his soul. Easily accessible women get bored quickly.
Appearance is very important. If you are looking for a life partner and have already identified someone for his role, then you need to be able to dress well, a pleasant aroma should come from you. And in general, you should have a blooming look, because many men have a strong instinct associated with childbearing. They are primarily attracted to women who are full of health and can give birth to their offspring. Even if they don’t think about it, nature often makes the choice for them. Therefore, do not hope that your unfortunate appearance can inspire him to conquer.
If you are on friendly terms with this man, then the most important thing is to give him freedom. It often happens that women kill the beginning sympathy for themselves with constant control and obsession. There shouldn’t be too many of you in his life.
Be indispensable to him. Difficult moments in the life of every person occur often. If you are in love with a man, then try to be with him in these difficult times. Think about how you can be useful to him and unobtrusively offer your help. Men love to be courted, but not overtly. So you can show your thriftiness, and your kindness, affection, femininity. However, keep your distance so that he does not start using you and may feel that you can deprive him of your care.
There is no need to build an impregnable fortress out of yourself. Do not bet on one of your qualities, be it appearance or housekeeping, otherwise, sooner or later, you will lose everything that you bet. Be a lively, sensitive, in a word, a real woman, and not an icy idol.


How to win a man? And here it is important to comprehend the «art of military operations.» After all, you are going to conquer? So you need to develop a strategy and tactics of warfare. And although the psychology of a woman is such that it is more pleasant for her to be conquered than a conqueror, in modern realities it is a woman who has to conquer a man.

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In addition, a man is a strife for a man, one needs a vamp lady, another a simpleton, the third a “guy in a skirt”. Preferences may depend on personal experience of communicating with the fair sex, and on the character, and, oddly enough, on the zodiac sign of your chosen one.
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