How to Win a Sagittarius Man

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How to Win a Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is a true connoisseur of female beauty. He loves the fair sex and demands that no one forbid him to do this, even his own wife. This is a man who does not believe that physical infidelity is a forbidden fruit for his person. If a woman forgives the Sagittarius man for all his adventures, does not complicate life with scandals and reproaches, then she has every chance that he will not leave her.
How to Win a Sagittarius Man


Become a model of an independent, witty and free woman. Favorably accept any of his courtship and do not refuse gifts. You must be a woman who loves to be in the center of male attention. Coquetry with other men will not be superfluous, a feeling of jealousy will only kindle the interest of the Sagittarius man in you. As long as he admires you, you are in control.
Always be different, monotony and everyday life kill the feelings of your chosen one. Share with him all his hobbies. Become not only his mistress, but also a friend who understands and supports him in everything. At the same time, do not try to reproach the Sagittarius man if he is guilty of something, especially treason. A careless word can be the reason for your break.
Develop, first of all, intellectually. A woman who impresses him with her intelligence and ability to conduct a conversation has every chance of becoming his wife. However, she may not have a very sexy appearance.
Love activity, sports and fun. The Sagittarius man feels free in just such an atmosphere. Become his copy, loving everything the same as him.
After you have married him, do not think that now you can change him. A married man Sagittarius is an independent person. Turn a blind eye to his passion for the opposite sex. Continue to be a bright, independent and freedom-loving personality that he can be proud of.


A Sagittarius man cannot be criticized, frightened by divorce, blackmailed. He avoids everyday life, responsibility and monotony.

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Always remain a mystery to the Sagittarius Man.

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