How to win a woman’s love

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How to win a woman’s love

Unfortunately or fortunately, the universal key to the heart women not yet invented. But at the same time, all the fair sex can be divided into two groups: the first like it when they are conquered, the second prefer to act on their own. Accordingly, if you recognize which category your lady of the heart belongs to, you can pick up the key to her.
How to win a woman's love


Princesses are gentle, modest, romantic. Soaring in the clouds and waiting for their prince on a white horse (in the sense, «Mercedes»). Princess girls are vulnerable and even shy creatures. They need courtesy, a long candy-bouquet period, and a mandatory acquaintance with their parents. And all this to the music of «Romantic Collection». And since a prince means a man with his own vehicle, he must also be wealthy.
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Amazons are bright, passionate, with an active lifestyle. They do not wait for the weather and “scarlet sails” by the sea, they arrange their personal lives on their own. Having chosen a “victim”, they do not calm down until they get it or completely miss it. They love when they are admired, they are madly jealous, they arrange public scenes. They prefer Latino style and dancing at the bar. Financially, the position of the chosen one is valued, but they earn excellent money themselves.
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Strategies for winning a woman’s heart directly depend on who your chosen one is — a princess or an Amazon. If you are a princess, feel free to serenades her under the window. Moreover, the louder and closer to 4 o’clock in the morning, the stronger the effect. Carry it on your hands, causing the envy of your friends; throw gifts, increasing your rating in the eyes of her parents; take it on trips, conquering with care and attention. But if she is an Amazon, let the lady «dance the gentleman.» Let her feel luxurious and desirable, and let you melt under her spell. Ride around Moscow at night with her, letting her drive a car — shower declarations of love, preferably in front of your managing partners — have sex in the most unexpected place, and the more chances that someone will come in, the better.

Tip 2: How to win a girlfriend

Well, it’s done! You have finally met the one and only! She seems to be kind to you too. How to win your girlfriend? What can you do to make your relationship grow stronger and eventually turn into something more? The eternal question: «What does a woman want?»
How to win a girlfriend


• Be considerate of your girlfriend. All girls, without exception, love to be beautifully looked after. Do not be lazy to give flowers, not necessarily expensive chic bouquets, a modest flower is quite suitable. Invite a friend to a cafe, cinema, club. Try to meet and see off after work or school. Don’t forget to call regularly to find out how she’s doing if you can’t be around. A girl should feel that you are constantly thinking about her.
• Pay attention to your appearance. Girls like neat, clean boys. The smell that comes from a man is very important for a woman, and it’s not even a matter of perfume. If you smell of sweat, stale linen, if your socks, worn a week ago, exude an unforgettable amber, all this can scare your girlfriend away forever. Shower regularly, wear clean clothes, wear deodorant, and don’t forget to brush your teeth. It may sound funny, but girls are really very sensitive to smells.
• Remember, “women love with their ears”, do not get tired of complimenting your beloved, saying how smart and beautiful she is. Say you’ve never met a better girl than her. Do not be afraid to exaggerate her dignity, she really is the best!
• Try to please her friends, for a girl their opinion about her friend is very important. But be careful, your behavior should not cause jealousy of your beloved. A woman should see what an interesting person you are, how everyone around you is fascinated by you, but at the same time, you are only interested in her, and all your attention belongs to her.
• Do not leave a girl alone for a long time, the world is full of temptations, and there are so many men around who want to get acquainted with a beautiful smart girl. If you regularly appear nearby, this, firstly, will scare away potential suitors, and secondly, the girl will not feel lonely and will get used to you.
Useful advice
The main thing — do not make a mistake. I mean, do not confuse the type! Before you start conquering a woman, make sure who she is: a princess or an Amazon. And then you are guaranteed success.

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