How to Win an Aquarius Man

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How to Win an Aquarius Man

You can fall in love with a freedom-loving and dreamy Aquarius man. You just need to choose the right path to his heart. Stick to certain rules of the game, and the Aquarius man will certainly fall in love with you.
How to Win an Aquarius Man


Aquarius man is very inquisitive, he likes to solve riddles. Awaken his curiosity, become a mysterious puzzle for him to solve. How to do it? You can, for example, perform illogical acts before his eyes or express diverse judgments.
An Aquarius man in love is not jealous, so the abundance of admirers around you will not attract his attention. The reaction of those around him is not important — Aquarius will form an opinion about you on his own. Try to interest Aquarius by shocking him. Even if in the eyes of the rest you will then look strange, you will seem charming to the Aquarius man.
If you put on a cold and indifferent look, this will not help conquer the Aquarius man, but will only scare him away. Do the opposite: show friendliness to the Aquarius man, but at the same time be sure to maintain self-esteem. Sincere friendly feelings are very appealing to Aquarius.
Try to avoid anything that irritates the Aquarius man. For example, do not try to control him, do not limit his freedom and do not criticize his friends. Even an Aquarius man in love can lose interest in you if you give him some kind of ultimatum, reject his friends, or search his pockets.
Show tolerance and do not make fun of the ideals of the Aquarian male. Otherwise, he will lose respect for you. Be sure to demonstrate your own rich inner world. With Aquarius, you can freely discuss abstract and philosophical topics, but it is not necessary to answer personal questions. This will only add to your charm in the eyes of Aquarius.
An Aquarius man is not interested in ordinary one-night stand; in intimate relationships, he is most attracted to tenderness and romance. And this takes some time. But on the other hand, if a magical attraction arises between you, it will not be difficult to fall in love with an Aquarius man. Once you have completely mastered his imagination, the Aquarius man will be yours!


Charming an Aquarius is not so difficult, it is more difficult for him to remain as charming and attractive as ever. What is needed for this, how to win the Aquarius man and successfully develop the romantic relationship that has begun? Aquarius can not stand boredom and monotony. When deciding how to make an Aquarius man fall in love with you, you need to remember this and constantly surprise him.

Useful advice

Aquarians love women who can easily keep up a conversation about anything, even about events in Africa, even about flights to the moon. Aquarius men value intelligence in ladies, so in order to be able to fall in love with Aquarius, you must always be in an intellectual form: read books, magazines, newspapers, in general, be aware of what is happening in the world.

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