How to win over a twin man

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How to win over a twin man

A man who is Gemini by zodiac sign is under the influence of the element of Air. It is dominated by the masculine. Such men are usually creators and creators. However, they are very changeable, windy and fickle. Winning a Gemini man is not easy. For this you need to try very hard.
How to win over a twin man


First of all, understand that the Gemini man, due to his lively and easy nature, is used to being in the spotlight. He knew success, women love him, so you won’t surprise such a man with compliments. Catching every word of the Gemini man, looking at him with dumb adoration, praising him — all these are not the best options. To get a Gemini’s attention, you have to show that you are very different from everyone around you. He needs to understand that you are special.
To achieve your goal, you should understand what exactly the Gemini man appreciates in relationships with women, what he expects from these relationships, what he strives for in them. The fact is that the Gemini man considers beauty to be one of the most attractive female qualities. That is, he certainly pays a lot of attention to external data, but the main advantage of a woman in his eyes is intelligence.
To seduce a Gemini man, a lady must show him that she is a good conversationalist, that her level of spiritual and intellectual development is very high. A woman who is next to a twin should develop herself spiritually, pursue a career, creativity, strive for an interesting and eventful life.
When flirting with a twin, discard your usual standard clichés. Be witty and lively, unexpected. Let him know that you have a mystery. He will definitely want to solve it.

It is also good to be able to leave such a man in time. Let’s say you feel that you are interested in a Gemini man, the conversation flows easily and naturally. When he fully concentrates on your words and turns his whole body towards you, suddenly turn to other things. This will make the Gemini want to continue communication.

Tip 2: How to win a man

Some women think that appearance is the main thing that attracts men. Of course, the fact that guys love with their eyes cannot be denied. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that there is a large percentage of girls who do not shine with beauty, but who know how to conquer man.
How to win a man


Learn more about the man. If you know each other or communicate in the same company, try not to miss a single word of his. Fix any little things — they will come in handy in the future. Try to casually find out what he likes, what irritates him, strains him, and so on. If you do not know the guy, try to get information from his acquaintances or friends, if possible.
Admire them. Men need to be encouraged and supported all the time. Without this, they give up, they lose the desire to do anything, and especially for a woman. Therefore, make it a rule to praise a man, express your admiration for his successes and achievements that you have become aware of. Let him feel like a god next to you. Believe me, he himself will want to be close to such a woman.
Watch yourself. Even though internal qualities are more important than appearance, a man should feel that you value your meetings and prepare for them. Pamper his eyes with new hairstyles, outfits, accessories.
Be sympathetic to his need for freedom. Often, girls, noticing attention from a guy, begin to literally attack him with phone calls, SMS messages, invitations to relax together … If you allow yourself to behave like this, you will push the guy away from you, even if he already likes you. Men themselves are able to take the initiative. In addition, they should be able to spend time and relax without girls. If you treat this with understanding, you will win his heart.
Be varied. Routine and constancy strains men. They want something new, unusual, not standard. And not because they are bored, but because they want to be sure that relationships with a woman will not turn into a routine and obligation. Watching the variety, they calm down and relax. And this is exactly the state in which they are ready for anything for the sake of a woman. Show him that you do not accept monotony, and he will reach out to you himself.


Gemini must be able to listen carefully.

Useful advice

The Gemini man must be given the illusion of freedom. Let him believe that he makes the decisions.

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