How to wish happy birthday

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How to wish happy birthday

It is pleasant for everyone to accept congratulations on their birthday, especially if these congratulations are original and correspond to the tastes of the hero of the occasion. Therefore, guests are trying to come up with a creative and unusual congratulation that will be remembered for a long time and truly please the birthday man.

How to wish a happy birthday to a loved one? There are many different options, but some of them can be called truly universal.

  1. Compose an original congratulation in verse or prose. Believe me, the congratulation you have invented will please the hero of the occasion much more than one of the replicated popular congratulations. You will invest in it not only your imagination, but also a piece of your soul, thereby emphasizing your attitude to the birthday man.
  2. Give the birthday man a unique puzzle with his photo portrait, having collected it, he will be able to see the text of the congratulation and his portrait. Such a puzzle can later be turned into a picture by sticking all the pieces on a dense base and inserting it into a frame. It is desirable that the puzzle is large — at least it consists of 1000 pieces, then the image will be as clear and high-quality as possible.
  3. Another option for congratulations is vocal. But remember that ordering a song on the radio is not so original — it’s better to sing it to the birthday man in person (you can even sing in chorus if there are several congratulators). If it is a song of your own composition, it will make a huge impression on the person you are going to congratulate.
  4. You also need to be able to give a gift — try to come up with an original package for the gift that you plan to present to the birthday person. When choosing gifts, try not to opt for things that the birthday person obviously will not like — for example, if the hero of the occasion is distinguished by a practical and rational character, he is unlikely to like impractical souvenirs that are difficult to find use in real life.
  5. Verbal congratulations on your birthday can be reinforced with «visual materials» — for example, colorfully designed posters or handmade postcards. Today, such original and unusual postcards are sold in many souvenir shops. Each handmade postcard is a small work of art, unique and bright, and with its help you can always wish happy birthday to friends, colleagues or relatives.

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