How to wish your husband a happy anniversary

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How to wish your husband a happy anniversary

On the eve of the next wedding anniversary, the keepers of the family hearth begin to think about how it would be more interesting to congratulate husband with this event. We went to the restaurant last year, a romantic dinner at home in the jacuzzi was a few years ago. And so I want on this day to return the feeling of a holiday, when there were only two in the whole world. It’s possible!
How to wish your husband a happy anniversary


Depending on how old your family is, come up with both gifts and a holiday. For example, hold a wooden wedding in a wooden summer house with a sauna, brooms and wooden stools. You can eat with wooden spoons, and give a souvenir made of wood or birch bark. And on chintz — T-shirts with your photos and signatures «beloved husband» and «beloved wife» can be gifts.
If everything is in order with finances, and children can be left with grandparents, treat yourself to a romantic trip (especially if you didn’t have one after the wedding). Buy tickets — and at least to Paris, even to a sanatorium on the nearest lake. Silence and solitude will strengthen the family and allow you to relax from others and enjoy each other. And if there is also a tourist trail or a rope course, experiences and a collective spirit will unite you even more.
If you get married in the summer, take a romantic boat trip (under the moon as an option). Take sandwiches, a thermos and blankets with you, and, having moored to the shore, have a small picnic. If you can’t do without friends on this day, they can already be waiting for you on the beach with barbecue and a fire.
Remember hobbies husband. If he constantly watches horror movies, arrange a horror party (friends, by the way, will also be interested) — an impromptu Halloween. The fisherman, of course, will be more pleasant to celebrate the holiday with a fishing rod on the shore, but you can take him to the aquarium to learn a lot about other fish. And give a car lover a certificate to the best car shop, a car headset for a cell phone, or at least a romantic keychain with your photo.
Make a comic film, or better — a cartoon about your life. Of the many frames-pictures-photos. Ask different people on the street to say to the camera that you love him or take a picture with a sign: Pasha, (Sasha, Petya, Vasya), Lena loves you). And friends-artists will help you create a comic or cartoon.

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