How to write a letter to the army

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How to write a letter to the army

The army is an integral part of every person’s life: some served, others saw off, others wrote letters. For each period of service becomes a significant test that must be passed with the least loss. Men who pay their debt to the fatherland are in difficult conditions of deprivation of communication and restriction of freedom, which leaves an imprint on their emotional state. That is why the main task of those who are waiting for a man from the army is to help, morally support the soldier. Since the lion’s share of communication falls on letters, it is very important to compose them correctly.
How to write a letter to the army
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  • So, to write a letter to the army, you must follow a few mandatory rules:


WRITE ONLY POSITIVE. A guy should not receive any bad news, regardless of whether something happened or not. Even if his girlfriend walks left and right, or a friend crashed in a car accident, let him find out everything in civilian life. While a soldier is away from home, while there are weapons nearby and there are no relatives, such news is a great danger to him and can lead to the most sad consequences (escape, suicide, crime).
How to write a letter to the army
WE STRESS ITS SIGNIFICANCE FOR US. Half of the letter must be made up of words about how much the relatives miss the guy, how they are waiting for him to return home healthy and strong, that it is hard for the relatives without him, but everyone is holding on. It is advisable to recall that everyone is proud of him, because he serves his homeland, fulfills his military duty.
How to write a letter to the army
WE ARE INTERESTED. Do not forget to be interested in everything that happens to your soldier: how is his health, is it cold in the barracks, how are relations with colleagues, etc.

Once in a new environment, with new people, it may seem to him that no one needs him, therefore it is very important, following the above rules, to show how he is loved and expected so that he does not even have doubts about it! In this case, in a year you can wait for your matured and matured soldier!

How to write a letter to the army

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