How to write a resume in English

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How to write a resume in English

Most companies prefer an employee to speak English. This applies to almost any position: secretary, lawyer, account manager, etc. What can immediately demonstrate knowledge of the English language better than a well-written summary in English?
How to write a resume in English


As a general rule, good summary should be in two languages ​​- Russian and English. If you are sending summary to a foreign company and are sure that foreign employees will read it first of all, then it will be enough summary in English language and a cover letter to it — also in English.
CV in English language is a translation of your Russian language summary. However, when translating, it is worth remembering certain nuances:
one. summary in English it is customary to designate it as CV (stands for curriculum vitae). In all English-speaking countries, the abbreviation CV is widely used;

2. Please note that the dates are in English language are indicated either briefly (for example, 11/20/2011), or as follows: November 20th, 2011 (i.e. first comes the month, then the day, and then the year);
3. be sure to look in the dictionary for the name of your position in English language. If you specify the position inaccurately, you will mislead the HR manager. For example, in English-speaking countries there is no single concept of the position «legal assistant»: there are paralegal and legal assistant. In America, the position called paralegal is more administrative than legal, and is often filled by people without a law degree. Therefore, it is worth checking the name of the position in the dictionary and looking at the grid of positions in English language the company you are sending to summary;
4. don’t forget a cover letter: foreign employers can simply refuse to view summary without a cover letter.

AT summary Indicate your level of English proficiency as objectively as possible. It is hardly worth writing that your level of English is close to advanced (very high), if you are not very sure that you composed correctly, without errors summary (still, this is a fairly simple task for those who really speak English at an advanced level).
From summary a lot depends: illiterate summary make a bad impression on the employer. Therefore, if you are not very confident in your knowledge of the English language or compose summary in English language for the first time, it is best to first show it to someone who already has a successful experience of interacting with foreign employers, or at least to someone who knows English at a higher level.
Recommendations for writing a resume in English. In the United States and Canada, a resume is called a CV (short for Curriculum Vitae, which means «biography» in translation). The first option is short — just indicate the position you are applying for, for example: Objective Sales Manager. The second option is to write in one sentence what you would like to do for the company to which you are sending your resume, and in what position.
Useful advice
To answer the question — how to write a resume correctly, how to write a good resume, how to write a resume that will give you advantages when applying for a job, you first need to have a good understanding of what a resume is, and of course — at least once look at a sample resume. Summary in other languages. The main language of your resume should be Russian. A resume in English (or any other) language is compiled only if you apply for a vacancy in a foreign company.

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