How to write poetry to a girl

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How to write poetry to a girl

In each girl live love and romance. But not everyone can hit the target and correctly call for these feelings. If you decide to win the heart of your beloved or just make a beautiful gift, wonderful poetry Those are the arrows you should use.
How to write poetry to a girl


Choose the mission of the poem. The author puts individual meaning into any verse. It may not be a specific morality or idea, but simply the experiences or feelings of the poet. Try to determine what exactly you want to convey in the poem before writing the first lines. The exact definition of the target is like choosing a route — if the path is clearly laid out, then the ship will briskly rush on the way.
Get ready to write. Choose a few verses that you like, which you can call «icons of versification» for yourself, re-read them. Pay attention to the techniques that the author uses. If you are at a loss with the choice of poets, give preference to the classics and symbolists, for example, Blok, Nekrasov, Akhmatova.
Don’t stretch the poem. Even the greatest poem is difficult to read, and even more so to perceive, if it is stretched. 4-5 quatrains are enough for you to put your idea into them and at the same time the reader does not forget the meaning of the first by the last passage.
think about girlwith which you write the poem. Write down the images and ideas that come to mind. Think about the things that connect you and what is special about her. Use the resulting material as a basis from which you can create further.
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Try not to use verbal rhyme. Such options as «love-appreciate-beckon» are included in the category of «cheap» rhymes and greatly spoil the impression of the poem. Try, at a minimum, to combine a verb with a noun or other parts of speech, for example, «love is a thread»
Forget the usual syllable. A poem is no longer just the transmission of information, it is poetry. Do not be afraid that some expressions sound non-standard or even a little unusual. How complex your inner world is, how complex a poem is allowed to be.
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