Husband has a mistress: advice from wise wives on how to maintain a relationship

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It would seem that you are not the first, you are not the last. The stamp in the passport does not guarantee that the partners will remain together to the grave, but for every woman it is like a blow to the head with a butt. The light is fading, strength is leaving, and thoughts are only about how to live on. MedAboutMe brings advice from wise wives if the husband has a mistress.

«Valuable Prize»

Relationships in a love triangle willy-nilly make women fight for the main «prize». The mistress relies on affection and attention, tries to please her man, make his stay with her comfortable and enjoyable, and the wife reduces the requirements, tries not to burden the missus with problems and also uses tricks designed to turn her husband away from her rival and return him to the bosom of the family . Of course, everything suits a man in these complicated relationships. While the beloved woman and wife are competing with each other, he stands on the sidelines and smugly watches all this. It is necessary to stop and think: “Is this prize really valuable?” There is nothing more important than your own pride.



Often the wife continues to live with her husband, hoping that he will work up and return home. She still cooks for him, takes care of his clothes and health, simply because she is afraid to be alone. But the more she is afraid of this, the more impudent her husband can become. He enjoys the importance that he has in the eyes of his wife, and shamelessly uses it. What can be advised in this case? Take a break. Give yourself and him time to think. You can’t pretend like nothing’s happening. You are in pain, so why should you hide your feelings? Take care of yourself, have pity on yourself, but in no case do not humiliate yourself and do not demand this pity from your husband.

take care of yourself

While you are chasing a rival, stalking her on the street, writing angry letters and comments on social networks, the husband will be more confident that he made the right choice by starting a relationship with another woman. Hunting for a rival, criticism of her will only convince him even more that you are an unbalanced, hysterical woman and you can’t deal with you. In addition, the constant showdown will also be considered by him as an element of female rivalry, which will only increase his self-esteem. On the contrary, it is better for the wife to pretend that she does not care about her husband’s new relationship and take care of herself — her appearance, education, image.

Change your wardrobe, visit a stylist. Start going out, meeting friends, because you probably have more free time. Even light flirting is not forbidden, but remember that if you get carried away, you can hurt the feelings of a man when he finds out that he has become a bargaining chip in your relationship with your husband. Your task, if you want to maintain a relationship, once again become a desirable prey for your husband, stir up interest, excite his heart. The most important thing is to keep the defense and in no case give up positions. You are not a servant who runs at the first call of the owner. An unfaithful spouse must work very hard to regain your favor and trust.

Sit down at the negotiating table

When the passions subside, and the husband understands what kind of woman he has lost, you can sit down at the negotiating table and talk without shouting, reproaching and getting personal. Perhaps it is your fault that he cheated. It is worth quietly listening to his claims and discussing their validity. It often happens that the relationship of spouses deteriorates not because they fell out of love with each other, but because they cannot agree on one or more issues. If you wish, you can always find a compromise that will suit both of you.

Yes, it will not be easy to regain trust after infidelity, but psychologists advise giving your husband a chance. However, if he continues to meet on the side, no doubt to disperse.


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