Is it possible to do vertical gardening with your own hands

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Is it possible to do vertical gardening with your own hands

Of course yes! This is the answer of many who have at least a little encountered the issue of filling the room with living plants. But do not consider this craft too simple. We need to sort it out in order.

What does vertical gardening mean? Any placement of plants, living or artificial, in a vertical plane. At the same time, in order to create the effect of a green wall, both the principle of tiered placement of plants and the ability of some species to start up their shoots and grow up or down from the place where they were planted are used.


  • Shelving and hanging planters
  • Partitions in a cafe
  • Watering and care
  • Moss on plywood
  • Live plants with automatic watering

Shelving and hanging planters

For example, they placed a hanging planter with some kind of ampelous plant high under the ceiling, and shoots gradually descended from it in the form of a beautiful falling crown. In such a simple way, you can profitably use the empty space in the interior and create comfort in the room. In fact, this is one of the methods of vertical phyto-design, which is widely used by professional gardeners.

You can also easily create a green wall using a simple shelving unit from Ikea with through cells. If you place plants with a fairly lush crown in the cells and place a rack, you will not only decorate the room, but also perform one of the methods for dividing the interior into zones, creating cozy corners for work and leisure.

Partitions in a cafe

This method is often seen in some restaurants or cafes. Experienced designers zone the rooms in this way and form the atmosphere of a seaside resort or something like that. This technique is in demand among restaurateurs for another reason. Green partitions made using this technology can be easily moved from place to place, changing the configuration of the internal space, depending on the task. For convenience, partitions are equipped with small rollers to make it possible to move even the weaker sex, without calling special services.

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Watering and care

Always placing plants in the interior, you have to think about how convenient it will be to take care of them. This is especially true for vertical landings. The methods described above using shelving, shelves and other tiered structures provide fairly easy access to plants. If the plant is suspended from the ceiling at a sufficiently high height, then the task of watering becomes much more difficult. It is better to foresee the possibility of easy lowering and lifting of the planter with the plant for its regular maintenance.

This is not to be puzzled if you complete the task of forming a green partition by means of ivy plants capable of climbing up the surface. In practice, pots are used with strings or lattices stretched upwards inserted or fixed in them. Perhaps this is one of the most difficult elements of phyto-design, which can be done by a non-professional with their own hands.

What is described below, as a rule, is available for manufacture only by specialists.

Moss on plywood

It is worth mentioning the two most characteristic forms of vertical phyto-design from the arsenal of companies specializing in landscaping.

Firstly, phyto-panels and phyto-walls coated with stabilized moss. This is the most frequent attribute of greenery in modern offices and other public places, seeking to position themselves in a modern way.

In principle, there are no complex technologies in these vertical structures. In most cases, moss is glued onto a sheet of plywood of a certain size, which must first be cleaned of debris and dried. Then plywood with moss is attached to the main walls or partitions in those places where they will make the strongest impression. The tactile sensations when stroking are wonderful. If such green walls are provided with lighting, then the whole structure will impress with its appearance too.

Live plants with automatic watering

Secondly, in the creative palette of landscapers there is such an argument as vertical structures from living plants with lighting and an automatic watering system. There are several varieties that can be viewed here. The part is based on plastic modules attached to a vertical frame. The other part in the base has a web of some kind of porous material, in which there are cells for planting, and which is also attached to a vertical base or directly to the main wall.

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In both cases, the whole structure has a built-in irrigation system and, if necessary, lamps for additional illumination of plants. If desired, detailed drawings of such masterpieces of phyto-design and engineering can be found on the Internet. However, it is worth weighing everything several times before deciding to manufacture such a green wall on your own without detailed consultation with specialists.


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